Northeastern launches national ad campaign

John Carroll reports Huskie U. has taken out full-page ads in not just the Globe but the Times and the Wall Street Journal to inform their readers how wonderful it is.



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    Just me or...

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    OK, so Northeastern has become a much more highly regarded school since I went there, albeit with the exact same programs and many of the same professors. I also credit this to an amazing student body.

    The school has totally changed though, from the best school a local kid could go to a depository for rich kids who couldn't get in elsewhere. This ad totally cheapens what I feel was a very well cultivated image. A school should advertise itself via its reputation.

    I do have a soft spot in my heart for my alma mater, but I really don't want the money I send back going to full page ads.

    Specify how you want the

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    Specify how you want the money that you donate to be spent. Tell them you only want it to go into the scholarship fund if you want to help out students in need, for instance.
    My father attended Northeastern night school, my uncle and my husband's uncle and grandfather both graduated with degrees in engineering. None of them came from backgrounds in which they would have been able to afford the hefty tuition as it is today.
    Northeastern used to be considered an access school for local kids with aptitude and ambition, but not a lot of money. Now it seems that Northeastern's mission is to boost enrollment beyond what professors can handle and to elevate their status as a more prestigious university. The current univ. president came from USC (Univ. of Southern California) which has the nickname Univ. of Spoiled Children. Some pretty fancy buildings have gone up since he's been in charge. That costs millions of dollars. I'm not saying it's good or bad that the university is focusing on trying to make a lot of money and competing with BU, but I do think it's a shame that the middle and working classes are slowly being financially squeezed out of yet another local academic institution.

    You do know that NEU now

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    You do know that NEU now offers 100% financial aid to any enrolled BPS grads from the surrounding neighborhoods right?

    w/r/t "100% financial aid"

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    You do know that "financial aid," as a term used by colleges and universities, includes federal and private student loans, right?

    I agree with everything you

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    I agree with everything you say. When I went to Northeastern it was going through the cultural shift you describe. I don't think the school cares much about academics or co-op anymore.

    They don't care about

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    They don't care about academics or coop?

    NU has become very selective in admissions and have had their academic ranking reach into the top 50s. They are the #1 coop school in the country now.

    It is a much better school now than it was 20, 10, even 5 years ago.

    Yeah, because when I got

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    Yeah, because when I got there the students had to fight tooth and nail to keep the University from scrapping the co-op program entirely. Freeland fired a lot of co-op people and Aoun nearly scrapped the whole shebang. It took a LOT of hard work and political maneuvering to save the co-op program.

    Every major university does

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    Every major university does in major papers that on a semi-regular basis. Why is this news?


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    So maybe you could post copies of the ads that Harvard and BC and BU and MIT have run in the Times? 'Cause we think they haven't.

    Screw NU

    They rejected me, yet they appear to admit the dumbest, scummiest people.

    When I become obscenely wealthy, I'm going to publicly pledge them a large gift, and then not make it.