Not all of our family-owned supermarket chains have run out of produce

Roche Bros. in West Roxbury

Roche Bros., owned by the same family since its founding in the 1950s, had full produce departments today - as shown in West Roxbury.



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Do you

Do you think pay isn't as good at Roche Bros.? And benefits? I would be surprised.

And until I see the Whole Foods/Wegmans/Shaw's community centers, etc., I'll be happy to keep my money in the community.


To be fare to Mack

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Roche Brothers and Market Basket are barely competitors, so he might not even know how good the company and family are. On the other hand, all I have to go on is what I read in the paper, which meant good PR for MB, but now, geez, does anyone on the Arthur D side of the family ever read a newspaper? Or watch TV news? Or go on the internet?

If this whole MB thing ends well, I might just have to travel to see how good they are. If it ends badly, hopefully the Roche family will make the investment, though I don't think they have that kind of money. Then again, how can the market value go anywhere but down the longer this goes on.

I'm ambivalent

Arthur T is supposedly a nice guy, running a business his father stole from his brother's grieving widow.
Arthur S is no PR genius but I would think that some enterprising investment banker could swoop in and do a deal while debt is absurdly cheap, letting him laugh all the way to the bank.

Who the heck is Arthur D?

I stand corrected

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My safe move would have been to write "the other Arthur", or just look the name up. I was probably thinking Arthur D Little or Arthur D Andersen.

Totally agree. A community

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Totally agree. A community center and hockey rink, in addition to contributing to various community causes.


Don't forget this : BC

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Don't forget this : BC Catholic Education Center Named for Roches
$20 million gift from long-time benefactors Barbara and Patrick Roche

Absolutely agree

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Yep, I've said that a few times. Roches hockey rink and community center are the big reasons we do almost all our shopping there, and I've seen plenty of donations to local charities and school fundraisers. That is all hugely important to me.

Plus, a great produce section.


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I'm waiting for the one in DTX to open.. I hear its been pushed back now till Spring 2015.

I love Market Basket (for now), but I'd also shop at Roche Bros when it opens.



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Its opening in the basement of the old Filene's building. (where Filene's Basement was)

Yes they missed the boat on

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Yes they missed the boat on that one, but maybe they didn't want the controversy. Who knows though, with their incursion into the new and improved Downtown Crossing, it might be a test balloon into future ventures in less than genteel area.Shopping at the Bros. is not for anyone, and it don't think they would want a scenario of doing biznes like BJ Club will encounter at Roxbury Crossing.


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Oh goodie! The "I'm going to silently launch the iOS App Store now" ads are back on UHub!

Arrgh, sorry!

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I was tinkering with mobile stuff and templates today; seems like when I do that, ads start showing up again. My apologies, now to go reset the cache or something.

ad software screwup?

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I've stopped looking at uhub on my iphone because for the past day or so it was immediately being redirected to open up to a silly game in the app store. If I want to look at the app store, I'll do it myself and I don't buy kids' games.

Not Adam's fault

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These ad companies are embedding redirect scripts (sometimes encrypted) into their ad code that only fire off if you're on a mobile device. Then they get the ad accepted by Google or whomever serves them. Adam then inserts Google's code that just says "go get an ad from our sever" and never sees the original ad code. Adam can customize/shape the type/content of some of the ads based on what he wants or what Google offers in terms of shaping the ad stream, but that's it. If he can identify the particular bad ad actor, he can report it to Google and it will go away ... until the company submits a different version that gets past the checks.

It's not just UHub. A number of websites have dinged me like this lately. Seems to be a bit of a rash of the same ad code slipping past the Google ad checkers.

Roche Brothers needs to come

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Roche Brothers needs to come to Cambridge, we are infested with McWhole Foods and would love to have a local family owned (and affordable) grocery.


I'm bracketed by them.

Both are a 10 minute walk away if that, but I'd rather walk the 2 miles to the Union Square MB.

Publicly traded food suppliers are egregious wealth confiscation parasites and should always be bottom of barrel choices when it's time to feed yourself..

And it is good to see Fed interest rates finally rise so we won't have all these hare brained mergers from bored CEO scum looking to cut ridiculous deals merely because they can.

I totally love having to pay an extra $1.40 for a jar of basic Teddy Peanut butter so some filthy lying right wing leech from Texas can have a good share price.

But, alas, I love the two mile walk much more and it has cardiovascular benefits.


The Purity Supreme still in

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The Purity Supreme still in Central Square , or it's derivative ? I know they were gobbled up by S & S, but something gots to be there now.

Not for years

Checking Google Street View, it appears that they were replaced by, um, a Chipotle and a Sleepy's. 8-\

Poverty Supreme is long gone

For a short period, it became an independent local grocery whose name I don't remember (but it had the word "City" in it). It didn't last very long once Star Market opened a few blocks away in University Park. I think the liquor section of the store still exists, though.

University Park ? I got to

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University Park ? I got to get out more, next you will be telling me , Lechmere Sales is gone.
I know Necco moved over to Revere into the defunct lumber yard. Guess I'll have to stop in to Ken's Pub and take a peak at the new doings over there.

Thsnk You, Adam

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The check is in the mail.


Roche Bros.


Forget the check , hold out

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Forget the check , hold out for the Bros. own store cooked roast beast at the deli. It's dear, but it's worth it. The best , Jerry , the best !