Not everybody left City Hall Plaza disappointed

Belgians at City Hall Plaza

A packed crowd on a sweltering City Hall Plaza watched Belgium eliminate the US 2-1 in the World Cup. Although the vast majority of people were, of course, rooting for USA, there were a few Belgian fans scattered about, including these two right up at the front, shown during an anxious (for them) moment early on in the match.

This guy, however, was rooting for the red, white and blue:

Fan with hat

Lots of painted faces:

Fan with painted face
Fan with starface
Fan with painted face
Ad. More photos below.

Some fans were more energetic in the heat:

Fan with drums
Fan with flag

A couple of fans rooted for both USA and, um, Morocco:

Fan with Moroccan flag

Hey, Coulter:

Fan with Reagan T-shirt

Fans came in all shapes and sizes:

Fan with Dick's hat
Fan with Dick's hat
Fan with beard

The crowd:




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    Reagan/Bush look like princes today

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    And I wouldn't vote Republican for dog catcher. But the Bush/Obama double bill has been disastrous.

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    Am I the only one who recognized that this gathering and last week's pointed out so nicely how the bag checkpoints and restrictions at the marathon this year, and at the Hatch Shell last summer and again this summer, are pure security theater?

    If there are terrorists lurking out there looking to strike large gatherings -- and presumably the "authorities" believe there are, else why have the restrictions and checkpoints -- then weren't the Boston Police putting the thousands of spectators today at grave risk by allowing backpacks and not searching spectators' belongings? Remember, after all, that the marathon was allegedly not even the suspects' intended target, and was chosen because the bombs were ready more quickly than planned. So if such terrorists are still lurking about, then wouldn't these gatherings have proven to be an ideal target?

    Keep that in mind as the cops at the Hatch Shell search your small clear bags on Friday.

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    I know. I stopped by after

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    I know. I stopped by after work for around a half hour.

    The point is, there were also plenty of cops at the marathon last year. Plenty of cops won't stop a determined attacker.

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    I wonder if it was because

    ..this was short notice and reasonably spontaneous, (for Boston).

    The other things are only our biggest deal, most widely advertised and most obvious mass public spectacles so that idiots like the Tsarnaevs have plenty of time for fireworks runs to NH, pressure cooker purchases, etc.

    And an interesting thing about human nature is how remorse and contrition from one fail can lead to renewed vigilance next time around.

    Aah, the things you miss when you avoid Boston's big deal power crowd messes like a plague of locusts.

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    Relatively little notice is definitely a reason.

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    From my experience working with security personnel in a variety of settings, I can tell you that the relatively short advanced notice is certainly at least one reason why more rigorous (I know, Saul, you would say onerous and unnecessary) procedures were not in place. It is also a reason why the City didn't come out and say months ago that City Hall Plaza will be used for game viewing at on the following dates and times.

    I express no opinion on the merit of this, but I am certain it is at least one reason.

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    Security Theater

    has a lot to do with this

    I know it is not something to discuss but this was a launchpad for it all.

    And it has been noted that Massport Security at Logan in the bad old Swift era was not exactly covered in glory.

    I 'm aware that Bin Laden is as dead as Bela Lugosi but I also imagine that there are public safety professionals here who still live with that day inside, assuming they haven't jumped off the Tobin or something.

    And it is a heart breaking thing to turn in ones memory. I was in West Seattle on that morning.

    Seattle is a bit more diligent about detaining people who start fights in public places in the way that Mohammed Atta did on that morning in the Logan parking lot.

    And Washington State was a place where diligence averted the transfer of explosives to LAX.

    I wish this didn't need to be noted.

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    Who said anything about 9/11

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    Who said anything about 9/11/01? Unless my eyesight is failing me, you are the first one on this thread to mention anything about that day.

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    It is the gorilla in the room

    .when talk turns to 'security theater' and I'm just pulling it out from under that rug the security theater hand wringer circuit likes to keep over it.

    Of course it sux, duuh.

    It probably took people in Honolulu a while to get over Pearl Harbor too.

    I once waded through giant crowds for fireworks at the esplanade and I've seen some of our other giant spectacles but then I concluded the whole mess was abysmal and ridiculous.

    More power to those who still have a capacity for wonder at it all combined with the sturdy stamina and laudable patience to actually get to the middle of it.

    I'm just not one of em.

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    Not so little nitpick.

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    The airlines were responsible for security on 9/11 and before. Not the airport operator.

    And I can tell you that there are many, particularly around Logan (and not necessarily or even predominately security people - more like flight attendants, pilots, etc. who lost friends and colleagues) who live with that day inside - and for that reason, they happily do things everyday that some dismiss as security theater.

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    But on topic...

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    thanks for posting these pics, Adam. I no longer work in town, so was unable to attend this time (I went for the France/Italy final in 2006, and even that, 8 years ago and without the USA playing was packed to the gills). It was nice to see such a good turnout.

    The "soccer is un-American" crowd looks more and more foolish and disconnected from reality with each passing day.

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    The Soccer Is UnAmerican crowd

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    Fears scenes like this. People from all walks of life, all nationalities meeting in a public place and getting along due to a common interest? That's the beginning of the end of the conservative dream. We're supposed to never come in contact with each other, develop a hatred and fear of others, fed by ignorance easily maintained by separation.

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