Not looking good for the Anne Frank sapling

Anne Frank sapling

With great fanfare a year ago, local and Dutch leaders gathered on the Common and dedicated a sapling from the chestnut tree that grew outside Anne Frank's attic.

Although the sapling stayed green through the summer and later developed buds, today it appears completely barren.

The note at the bottom of the photo says "Happy Birthday, Anne" and was penned to the location with a Bic stuck through it and into the ground.



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    Sad how the city can't be

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    Sad how the city can't be bothered to take care of civic monuments unless a wealthy friends group exists to offer funding for private maintenance.

    This is a terrible example and the treatment of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (how many years now has it been since it was vandalized and not repaired 10? let alone cleaned?) is almost as bad if not worse.


    deer there?

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    Couldn't get a higher def picture but agree that sapling looks like it is in trouble. Wasn't clear to me that the city could have done much in thus case. It was a BRUTAL winter, and is a European chestnut even hardy enough for this town? Piling mulch to protect it during winter doesn't look attractive.

    My first impression was that a deer had chewed it, but I don't think deer make it there?


    While deer have gotten pretty far into the city ...

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    Like the Longwood Medical Area, even, I'm going to wager a deer's not to blame for this because the Common's a pretty busy place and is patrolled even at night, so I think somebody would have seen Bambi nibbling on the sapling.

    That said

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    I was out last night and saw a rabbit running down the sidewalk at Berkley & Beacon.

    That tree is toast

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    In fairness to the city, it was a brutal winter and many people lost small trees and shrubs, including me! Hopefully we can get another one.


    Not too likely

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    The original tree fell over, and one of the things special about this sapling was it was one of the last living samples taken from it.