Not out of the woods yet

Ice buildup on the Charles River

John McLachlan walked along the Charles yesterday, noted the puddling caused by warming temperatures, but also the unusual ice floes pushed up onto shore. The river today.

Brad Kelly, meanwhile, noted a possible sign of spring: Whiskey Priest poking its head up above one of the snow piles along the South Boston waterfront.

Whiskey Priest

But you may have noticed the French Toast Alert is at blue. The National Weather Service says we could get socked by a winter storm Wendesday into Thursday, although we won't really have a good idea of the storm's track - such as whether it will hit us hard or at all - until Monday morning.

Photos copyright John McLachlan and Brad Kelly respectively. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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Icebreakers or tugs used as such

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Were recently working in that area in order to to get the bridge construction vessels into place. Would probably account for the floes and the open water.



That was far away form where the ice breakers for the barge were. could be just the river flow sending ice towards the shore... The ice breaker left a nice path in the river though (got a pic of that somewhere...)

That's what I was thinking

Just the river pushing the ice up onto the shore.

Or, it's not even a flow at all. The water level may have dropped. There may be a dam, but as I understand it, the release of water from the basin still fluctuates based on the tides. So much so, that if you look at a live water level chart for the Muddy River, you can see it goes up and down with the tides.

Whiskey Priest

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I wonder what the water temperature is below their roof deck?


So in other words, if you don

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So in other words, if you don't find anger and vitriol, you'll provide it.