Now that motorists know to use their blinkahs, Cambridge bicyclists urged to ride wicked smaaht

WIcked smaht sign in Inman Square

Myron Freeman spotted an only-in-Massachusetts signboard in Inman Square yesterday. It's part of Cambridge Police's observance of National Bike Safety Month.

Use yah blinkahs.
Watch for wicked high tides.

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    is way funnier than blinkahs. Man Brian Williams should be all over this post.

    So True

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    I agree completely. We still have a long ways to go in terms of building safe cycling infrastructure in the city. Some of the painted bike lanes are still scarily overlapping the "dooring" zone, for example. But things are getting better, slowly. Today was particularly lucky for me - only a few people parked in the bike lane, no one right hooked me, and not even one person swung their car door into the bike lane without looking.

    You're an asshole...

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    When did you serve in the military? Yeah, I get the "military intelligence" joke ,but it's offensive. Don't even go there.

    bicycling is not dangerous

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    ...all the people driving motor vehicles, slamming into people riding bicycles, are dangerous.

    Study after study shows the people most at fault are the ones behind the wheel, yet campaigns like these just cater to what's politically popular: blaming cyclists and telling them THEY are the ones who aren't "being safe."

    I'm sure the lady who leaned on her horn because I was taking the lane at a complicated intersection with narrow lanes and potholes, was thinking first and foremost about my safety. I'm sure she was also first and foremost thinking about my safety when she told me to "eat a bag of dicks", and then called 911 to report that I was "in her way" while we sat at a red light? That was probably because she wanted a nice police officer to talk to me about how to "share" the "same road."

    After she zoomed away, 30 seconds later we were right back next to each other at the next traffic light. And the light after that.

    probably a lot less than 30 seconds.

    Depending on which light, it doesn't take too long to go from one light to the next.

    You give the perception that you are taking milliseconds out of someone's day that they wouldn't have anyway and you are the subject of eternal scorn.

    I wonder if that's the same lady

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    Who honked and dangerously passed me after I stopped to let some pedestrians use an unsignalized crosswalk.

    Maybe some day drivers will learn how to follow the rules of the road.

    Hmmm ...

    There was a woman in a Toyota Venza on Cambridge Street blowing her horn at every cyclist taking the lane, even though the rebuild of that street into a divided highway with jaywalking launch platforms makes anything else impossible.

    Even though the cyclists were keeping up with traffic.

    The woman even had a handicap permit that wasn't hers (unless her name was Fred) swinging from the rearview mirror as she honked AND was texting. Quite the multitasking rhymes-with-pitch.

    I made sure the cop directing traffic at Charles Circle knew about the electronic lap dance she had going on, and he had a chat with her (she was clearly staring at her lap when I pointed her out).

    they need a sign in Harvard Square

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    even though the Same Road, Same Rules sign is tiresome, they need something in Harvard Square. Friday evening, rush hour, vehicles had a red light. The pedestrian light lit, I started crossing and was nearly struck by not one but 2 cyclists not obeying the rules of the road. Inman overall seems to be better anyway.

    Downtown and Kendall Square, too

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    I was on my bicycle proceeding through intersections in both locations and had pedestrians step out into the bike lanes against the light, and scream at me for nearly missing them!

    Got to get these pedestrians under control!

    They also need to ticket drivers on Mass Ave that enter the intersection when they cant clear, then rev their engines and scream at pedestrians who are crossing with the walk signal because they think they get to keep driving despite the massively red light they ignore!

    Well then

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    Cyclists should barrel through the red lights in Harvard Square JUST like the drivers do? Just like the pedestrians ignore the walk signals?

    Boston is not a nuke friendly city...

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    Anyone who thinks it is safe for bikes in delusional. I've said it before: vehicles are the problem. Cyclists need to stick together and force this city to bring the maniac drivers under control.