Occupy Post Office Square

Post Office Square Park

Roving UHub Photographer Edmund Hennessy thought it was a bit odd - and cold - to see Occupy taking up space in Post Office Square Park today.

In fact, it's for filming a pilot for NBC about three families caught up in a global conspiracy.



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They're also filing on

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They're also filing on Norfolk St in Cambridge. Not expecting a positive portrayal of the community.

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Why is a fake corporate

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Why is a fake corporate reenactment of Occupy allowed in a public park, but the real Occupy isn't?

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Is it a public park?

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I thought it was actually a private park that just happens to be open to the public (so more like the park Occupy Wall Street started in).

In any case, I suspect the Friends of Post Office Square Park, or whoever owns/runs the thing, negotiated a payment for the right to create a fake encampment.

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The cruel irony of the real world makes great TV.

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Private property, actually

That park is actually private property. The person who bought/ripped down/buried the parking garage (Norman Leventhal) owned property in the area and created the park and garden because he thought that making the area more habitable would improve his property values and just be a nice thing to do.

A much more complete version of the genesis: http://www.normanbleventhalpark.org/project_history.html

I believe the upkeep - which is meticulous - is funded by proceeds from the garage beneath.

They replace the turf every spring - looks like they found someone to pay for it this year ;-)

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Can the homeless set up camp

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who gets first dibs on the tents the homeless who live here and are freezing or the Hollywood actors posing as homeless citizens of Boston

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Its missing the mud

After all the grass got trampled, lots of wood planks got put down to make it easier to get around. Also missing in the photo are bicycles, perhaps shopping carts and other detritus of the homeless contingent there.

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Homeless were paid...

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The filming crew needed extras and show the homeless were compensated with warm soup! It was freezing cold and the actors didn't want to be out in those conditions.

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