Occupy Westie?

A West Roxbury resident alerts us that the TV production crew that turned Post Office Square into a faux Occupy encampment/protest march for an NBC pilot about a global conspiracy is turning its video eye on West Roxbury this week:

My neighborhood received notices in our mailboxes that the NBC pilot Odyssey would be filming at a house on Montiew Street in West Roxbury this week. They said they would be doing prep starting on Tuesday and filming from Noon to 8pm on Thursday March 6th. The will also be filming on nearby Kirk Street on Thursday.



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        It's a thing

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        Not as big a thing as Southie or Eastie, granted, but all the cool kids know what it means (drive up LaGrange from Centre, turn around past the commuter-rail bridge, then gaze at the shamrocked "Westie" graffiti on the bridge, well, unless MBCR has recently sandblasted it off, in which case, just look at this Google Street View of it).

        I must be blind

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        I walk under that bridge every day and I haven't noticed. I'm sure it's still there, based on the number of high school kids that like to hang out at the station and the probable apathy of the MBCR.

        Good Question

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        I always call it West Rocks-bury, but I've only been living here seven years so I'm not a local.


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        Now if we could only get the Italian folks in the North End to start calling the neighborhood Northie, we'd have the all of the cardinal directions covered.