Oh, come on, it's not even August

Halloween candy

Patty Neal reports her local Stop & Shop now has Halloween candy on the shelves.



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    Update: Dollar Store in

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    Update: Dollar Store in Allston is selling fake rats and other Halloween-y things!


    Faux rodents

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    are a big seller all year round.

    Probably in storage at Market Basket

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    Market Basket has the stuff too, but not able to deliver to stores until the Demoulas family gets their act together.

    I have friends who

    I have friends who lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove candy corn.

    I, on the other hand, think you should just drink a gallon of corn syrup.

    It's difficult ...

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    ... to get corn syrup by the gallon, so I stick with the candy corn.

    Corn Syrup by the gallon?

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    We don't need no stinkin' gallons in Central Square. The Tootsie Roll factory on Main Street gets regular tankloads delivered by tractor trailer trucks, and pumped in by a nozzle on the outside of the building.


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    I like the clove flavored chalk disc in that roll of sugar hosts.

    I love it! Though I won't be

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    I love it! Though I won't be buying any until October, otherwise I'll eat way too much of it. Putting it out in July is just ridiculous.

    Candy corn

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    Yes! And the candy pumpkins are even better!

    But it is too early. I like seasonal treats. Stretching the retail season out just dilutes the excitement for me.

    AC Moore has fall stuff out too.

    Which they will anyway, so...

    Which they will anyway, so....

    I can't think that anyone actually buys FOR Halloween this early. I have to think that the manufacturers need to get the Halloween stuff off the machines before they can start making the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines' Day, and Easter packaging, so the take the "Ordinary Time" stuff out of production until the candy holidays are over.

    The companies are under this delusion

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    that the best way to counter "less than forecast" sales of this unnecessary crap stuff is to start the season a little bit earlier the following year.

    Of course, the idiocy of this "policy" is that everyone knows when Halloween, Christmas, etc. is, and are highly unlikely to actually buy the stuff earlier. So what happens next year? You guessed it, the companies decide to put the stuff on the shelves even earlier.

    We will be much better off as a society once the mid-1980s MBA graduates running these places, who were trained that the only thing that matters is profits, profits, profits, ....... and even more profits, are dead and gone. Then perhaps we'll be able to interject some actual common sense in how we deal with holidays.



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    There goes my diet.. I cannot resist halloween candy...

    I guess this also

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    explains why clothing stores don't have any more summer clothes.


    Orange Peeps...

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    Man, those are going to be in real good shape three months from now. Hard enough to bounce off a pumpkin.


    I remember going into a Bradlees...

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    ...around the weekend before the end of school, it was pretty epty, it might of been the year the stores closed, and I saw on the shelves "Back-to-School" signs throughout the store. We not out of school and they already putting signs up.


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    When I was a kid

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    in the late 1960s - early 1970s, we had three dentists living in the neighborhood. They ALWAYS gave out the best Halloween candy.

    Last Week Christmas

    Last week I was in Family Dollar in 01830 looking for Miracle Gro for my outdoor plants, and the gardening section was 3/4 empty.... filled with Christmas decorations.... I was confused for a minute..WTH!

    Drug Store

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    I worked in a drug store for many years in high school (Fay's SuperDrug, yes there was ONE in NH in 1980s/early 1990s) and learned all about the season changing because it meant the displays were constantly changed.

    First off many products arrive at store's distribution center (DC) far in advance. This is because, unlike daily items (perishables, BHA's, etc that are made continuously), many items are not made year round so stores tend to order their quantities far in advance, usually based on last years sales. So its a set amount. Yes a store can order from the DC to replenish from stock the DC has, but the DC rarely re-orders more seasonal items outside of an initial few deliveries from the manufacturer.

    With that said, combine this with a 'set stock' amount at a the DC, pretty much makes any seasonal item a 'sell down' item, which basically means sell it until its gone. So constantly the staff is condensing the shelves to add more product and make them look fuller (stores do not want empty shelves, ever!). And eventually the DC stops sending a certain season's items, and moves on to the next. It's just simply that.

    It's not some big conspiracy that the stores are trying to push another holiday onto us sooner, it's just that it's what's next to fill the shelves after another seasons's stuff has been sold. Usually most stores wait until there's enough space to setup another season, which is why you have a week or two of near empty seasonal items between seasons.

    And this is also why you'll go to a smaller, less busy store and still see the outgoing season's stuff, but go to a larger, more busy store in the same store chain and it'll be totally switched out to a new season. It's just simply sell down and what people are buying at that store.

    I know it's annoying.. I loathe Christmas stuff early, but I understand why. Stores don't want to be left with seasonal merchandise. We've all been thru the discount bin at Stop & Shop in late March and still find Halloween and Christmas stuff.. it's tragic. So the stores try to prevent that by not overbuying. It's just frustrating to try to buy a cooler in late July! (Target near me was out because they were converting to Back to School)



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    I once saw the store manager explaining this to a new stocker in the Allston's Shaw's. It was around early July and the summer stuff was selling down, and he told the shelf stocker, "Yeah, I knowthe college kids won't be back until the end of August, but we can't have the shelves be empty in the meantime. It's here, so we have to put it out."