Oh, God: Guy in worst car commercial ever is from Dorchester

One reason I was glad the Olympics were finally over was that it meant I'd never again have to see that insufferable smug bastard boasting about how he never takes a vacation so he can afford some expensive Cadillac crapmobile.

And so, of course, we have the Oscars pre-game show on, and there he is again. Arrgh! Only thing worse is learning he's a local - born in Dorchester, no less. Granted, Neal McDonough is only getting paid to be an asshole, he's probably the sweetest guy imaginable in person, but ick.



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    Close, but not the worst ever

    The worst ever is the one where the spoiled woman is presented with some new Lexus or Infiniti, and flashes back to how upset her new pony made the neighbor girl.

    But, yeah, Mr. "Americans never take vacations to enjoy their money or their families - they buy more expensive stuff!!!" is up there.

    Sometimes you need to invest

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    Sometimes you need to invest in yourself , rather than spend the money on a go away vacation. It's not always about getting the Cadillac, maybe a few trailers of soil and a half day of a dozer and all the fixings........

    Helluva an actor too.

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    He starred in Band of Brothers and was outstanding. Cut him some slack - at least Cadillac is a real american company, unlike the Italian consortium that corpse Dylan pimped during the Super Bowl.

    The only thing I remember

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    The only thing I remember about the ad is that he got into a smugmobile at the end. Apparently GM is now making those.


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    Just came to say this. He was great on Justified!

    He's not an insufferable smug bastard

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    He's acting like one. I like the part about leaving the keys in the lunar rover. And, as mentioned, it is a quintessential American company. And he's poking fun at the French?
    Not the worst by a long shot.

    And how would he get to the moon?

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    Great line, but NASA currently has no rockets capable of sending somebody into space. We rent seats in Russian spacecraft. Maybe we should all be buying Ladas.

    My problem is the whole point of the commercial is we should all work ourselves to death to afford "stuff." Maybe all advertising is trying to get us to do that and I'm just upset that this commercial is more explicit about our role as mere cogs in the machine than usual.

    And, yes, I realize the guy is just an actor paid to play a role. But somebody wrote those lines thinking they would actually push product.

    Yeah, I saw that ad once and

    Yeah, I saw that ad once and figured that I was just not the target audience for it, if that's how they sell the brand. If I have to sacrifice that much for something, that's an indication that I can't afford something. I had no idea how the commercial made that appealing.

    He's not going to the moon

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    He's saying no one else is. Which is true. Russian technology can't land on the moon. The US could ramp up and go back anytime we want. Just a matter of financing. And let's not forget, Saturn 5 is the greatest machine ever built by humans. Ever. Most complex and powerful machine in human history. Designed by a German but built and implemented by Americans.

    But I get your point, and agree with it, but I think the ad is a little more tongue-in-cheek then you do.

    russians and the moon

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    > Russian technology can't land on the moon
    Russians were the first ones to reach the moon, in 1959. Unmanned, but still, the first ones.
    And they have been back to the moon several times. For them its a matter of money as well.


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    We lost the space race by landing on the moon at least 50 years before the Chinese?

    Point is Americans take 2 weeks in the summer, not 4

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    Yeah, commercial is a lil jingoistic but the reality is Americans take 2 weeks, French take 4. The message that we have to work ourselves to death must have been subliminal and I missed it.
    Yeah, you have to work pretty hard or be pretty lucky to own a Caddy. It's a luxury brand. Mercedes isn't marketing to working stiffs either.

    Much ado about nothing, I'll say.

    It's funny 'cause it's the French...

    Yeah I think the commercial is a lot more tongue in cheek than you're giving it credit for Adam; it contains a fair amount of hyperbole:

    1) I'm betting the lunar rover doesn't have keys, just a switch and probably needs a jump by now.
    2) the Chinese have an active space program, and were recently there with a robotic rover of their own. Their plans include manned missions.
    3) McDonough (hell of an actor) isn't saying work yourself to death; in fact you're allowed to take "two weeks off in August," which is only two weeks less than those crazy Europeans (and I work for a European company, it's true that 90% of August is downtime).

    When it comes to insufferable, I would've thought the Chevy Tahoe ad with the babysitter getting a ride home and upping her rate after checking out the fine walnut trim would have pushed your buttons more...

    Rather ironic

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    Let's see if I have this straight. I thought the (Tea) party line was

    • Obama bailed out GM
    • He handed it over to the unions
    • It's practically run by Commies

    Maybe it's that I never liked what the Cadillac brand represented even in its glory days. Maybe it's that I grew up in a union household and cringe at the idea that GM, one of the last remnants of union power in the Private Sector, would push such a "vacations are for p*ssies" message. No matter why, I'm with Adam in despising this ad.

    so having grown up in a union household,

    you must think that the $11 Billion that taxpayers had to eat wasn't "welfare for the rich"? And the use of UAW as political pawns while their pension funds took a haircut was AOK too? Boy, good thing EVERY American car maker needed the same bailout, right? Wait, what......?

    It's kind of a brilliant

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    It's kind of a brilliant commercial. Cadillac knows who is buying their cars and they're pandering directly to them. People with money who want to drop a ton of money on a car and still decide to get a Cadillac instead of a Mercedes or something. It's probably the most Republican car ever, at least in 2014.

    The ad is obnoxious

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    and there are people who this ad will reach. I'm as cynical and jaded as they come, but am still amazed at how so many adults still think the other guy gives a flying F what kind of car/SUV/truck they're driving, are impressed by 'smug-mobiles', jeans, jacket, suit, wristwatch, sneakers, etc. they're wearing.

    And life is short; I doubt even one of the smug aholes described above would being fretting on their deathbed that they wish could fould squeeze in one more day if work. It all partially explains why there's so much tension and stress in our society, and such a large percentage of people on prescription and/or street drugs to handle that stress, or their chosen stressful 'lifestyle'.

    The funny thing is

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    If Cadillac played their cards right, they could have positioned themselves as a kind of hip aspirational brand that's plausibly attainable. In the last year we've heard Lourde put Cadillacs in the same category as diamonds: a luxury she can only dream about, and Macklemore sing an entire song about how vintage Cadillacs are basically the best thing ever, the embodiment of relaxation, freedom, personality, and style. Both songs carried the implication that they knew there were more expensive and fancy cars out there, but the Cadillac is the one they wanted.

    And in modern America, where people want to be rich but have disdain for the uber-rich, Cadillac could have positioned itself in that sweet spot: high-status enough that people know you've got money to blow on toys, but not so expensive that people think you're an asshole just for owning one. And maybe even a little bit cool. Instead, they cemented the idea that they're the car for the out-of-touch American doofus.