Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Ten in a row.



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      Good Ball, Free

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      Come on out to the M Street Softball League. No admission, nightly (Monday-Thursday), starting at 6:00. Three games a night, some featuring true world-class talent (players from some of the "A" division teams travel out-of-state to play in prestigious tournaments, and we have at least a couple of players who have literally played in 'The Worlds'. against the best the rest of the globe has to offer.)

      M Street Softball League

      On a warm sunny evening, the stands are comfortable. The ice cream man usually comes by most nights. There are decent food offerings (good subs and pizza) a couple of blocks away - they'll deliver to the stands, if you don't feel like walking.

      It's mens fast-pitch. Good ball - FREE.

      Suldog (Harp & Bard team - "A" division - but I'm maybe the oldest guy in the league now, so I don't play as much as I once did.)

      You win some, you lose some

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      You win some, you lose some. Last year everything fell their way. This year, not so much. They were lucky last year, not good enough to maintain a dynasty. They're mediocre, that's that. We can blame John Henry. And we can blame the law of averages. Besides, why spend $4.50 for a bottle of Poland Spring water at Fenway that goes for $.14 at Bj's?


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      but Josh Beckett go a no-hitter.

      I expected a drop-off from

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      I expected a drop-off from last year, but this is more extreme than I'd imagined. The good news is that the rest of the AL East is also playing poorly so if they can pull of a hot month or so they can get back in the playoff race, which could make the end of the season more interesting. Or not.

      One thing's for sure is that since the team played like crap for Francona in 2011 and Ferrell now, that the Blame Valentine movement was wrong and he is owed some apologies from the fairweather Fenway "faithful." I won't hold my breath.


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      As long as the Sox are bankrolling a murderous freak's legal defense via his daddy who is too egotistical to GTFO I hope they lose. Every time I see "Rem-Dawg's" face now I see that hideous monster.