Oh, the humanity!

A pair of turkeys caused a rubbernecking ruckus along Mass. Ave. near Columbus this morning. The two birds proved to disbelieving bystanders that they can, in fact, fly, swooping over cars and the heads of pedestrians in a crazed flight from the roof of one building to the porch of another.



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    Great idea!

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    I'll have to talk to the design gnomes about that.

    In the meantime, there actually is a UHub store. Not a very comprehensive or graphically outstanding one perhaps (except for the I Survived the Aquapocalypse stuff - it's amazing what a professional artist can do), I'll admit.

    mmmm, french toast t-shirt, ey?

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    And I've got a birthday coming up!

    (btw, speaking of great artists for stuff like this, I'm a big fan of local boy Bob Quinn. He's the fellow that does those hilarious commercials for Pet Cabaret).

    At least several years ago,

    At least several years ago, Cafe Press's products were so awful (think 1970s iron-on technology) that the one thing I bought from them was sent back. At the time they told me that they were *this* close to changing to another system (to which someone I know responded, "that's what they said three years ago.") so maybe they have. Or, maybe they are still *this* close.

    Zazzle seems OK

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    At least based on the one French Toast Alert shirt I've had for several years.


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    Enough with the turkeys. We know there are turkeys in Boston.

    It's like Eco Journalism.

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    They fly in the ungainly way most poultry things fly.. short bursts, flaps and squawks.

    Pheasants have an interesting version.

    And they do like to roost. I have photo proof of a roost over in Alewife.

    How would they get in trees if not for the mighty wings?