Oh, phew: Whitey Bulger biopic to film scenes in South Boston after all

We were starting to grow worried, what with that bar in Cambridge being remade as the convicted murdering thug's headquarters and all. Southie Spots reports "Black Mass" will actually be filming in the area of E Street and W. 5 Street next Wednesday and on Silver Street between Dorchester Street and F Street on Thursday.



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    It's OK

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    Whitey was a European-American.

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    Old news

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    the film company announced over a month ago all the locations, dates and times they were filming. Actually there are quite a few locations in Southie where they will be filming. Check "Caught in Southie" I believe they posted the schedule.

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    "Are we there yet?"

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    I think this topic has just about run it's course. Perhaps it's time for Hollyweird to find another ethnic crime figure.
    One telling aspect of this sad tale is the difficulty for the producers to find enough 'gritty' locations in fashionable SoBo. Cambridge, Lynn etc.
    As the saying goes: "It's time to move on.''

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    Must be using the old long closed corner variety store there.. still has asphalt shingles on upper stories... E and 5th Variety... once know as Pete's who was always happy to give you a "noogie"

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