Oh, well, screw this, dumbass bike thief says

MBTA Transit PD JFK UMass

Transit Police report this video, taken at JFK/UMass last Wednesday, shows a bicycle thief thinking he's making an easy score when he finds a bike not locked to a bike rack - only to learn it has a wheel lock.

Please secure your bicycles!



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Dumb Bike Thief + Dumb Bike Owner = Dumb Video.......

In other words

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The Transit Police apparently doesn't really care about deterring crime if they can't be bothered to monitor their cameras in real time. But when it comes to gathering evidence to prosecute a perp after the crime has been committed, they'll stop at nothing.

Guess it's a heck of a lot easier than having their officers actually patrolling the platforms.


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Adam, you used to be more careful in your allegations of dumbassery. Shouldn't the post say "alleged dumbass"

Opinions versus statements of fact

"John Smith is a dumbass; the food at his restaurant tastes like crap; he's not nice to his staff" -- statements of editorial opinion, fairly well protected against claims of libel. On the other hand, "John Smith's IQ tests at 47; his restaurant grinds roadkill into the meatloaf; he cheats on the tip split with his staff." -- statements of specific facts -- better either put the words into someone else's mouth via "alleged" or be prepared to defend them in court.

Dumbass MBTA

Thanks for letting thieves know there is zero chance of identifying anyone stealing a bike from that rack at night on the basis of crappy video surveillance and light levels. The bigger deterrent is having a train come along now and then.