Old doors for old salts

The doors at 16 Fid Kennedy Ave. in the Marine Industrial Park.




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    Images like this--even if the building is old, dirty, decrepit, institutional--evoke a certain mood, a certain depth, that you just don't get with a lot of current architecture.

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    After we won WW2 We didn't

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    After we won WW2 We didn't need to prove our worth through architecture. Architecture is one of the only professions in America I can safely say has failed our society in the last 50 years. Only about 10% is good. The rest are built turds we need to live with for the rest of our lives. Architects always want to build something that has never been seen or tried before and when it fails they are not held accountable.

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    Big part of the problem is

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    Big part of the problem is people stopped paying architects and skilled craftsmen enough money to create beautiful buildings. Every developer wants a projected completed for the lowest price and highest profit. Unless a company or organization is building a monument or facility which they intend to occupy for a long time there is no generosity in expenditure. The owner expect to sell the building or see it demolished in the not too distant future. The era of building something and expecting to be around for 200+ years is long gone.

    We could still design and build in the old way. But as I said, architecture and construction these days is for the most part disposable. The assumption is a building will be torn down in 40 years. So why put money into it unless it is a major iconic marketing point for the developer?

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    You get what you pay for

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    Architects fees haven't gone up in the ten years I've been in the profession and I've been told it's been even longer by others that have worked in the field longer. This makes it difficult to retain talent as the hours are really long also......Most try arch. For five to ten years then switch to the gc side or project management side.... There is going to be a shortage of licensed architects when all the baby boomers retire in the next twenty years.

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    old doors

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    Beyt 2B design in Cambridge has old doors refashioned into tables of all kinds - and they train and employ laborers from abroad and Boston who are marginalized; ie, they might be homeless, or other-abilitied. Social consciousness and good products at the same time!

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    Some examples of "other-abilitied"

    1. Being able to run a 2h30 marathon.
    2. Being able to write prize-winning novels.
    3. Being able to create music that moves people
    4. Being the car mechanic that other mechanics bring their cars to.

    Some of us are blessed with marvelous abilities. Some of us are saddled with disabilities. Some have both.

    "Other-abilitied" is a particularly offensive bit of bowdlerism and should be discouraged wherever it is encountered.

    With that said, here's the link to Beyt 2B, who look, from a quick perusal of their website, as though they are doing good things and should be encouraged.


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    What was this building used

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    What was this building used for back then what was the name does anyone know please help??

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