Old trolley tracks and cobblestones never die

Old trolley track and cobblestones in Cambridge

They just get covered over with asphalt until they pop up again when it's past time for the city to repave the roads.

Ari Ofsevit noticed part of tracks and cobblestones on Pearl Street in Cambridge, which last saw trolley service sometime in the 1920s.



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    Ed Dana first sent around a memo in the fall of 1921 asking if it was worthwhile to renew the rails given the ridership of the trolleys using Pearl and Brookline Streets. The El Board of Trustees gave him the okay on March 27, 1922 to do whatever it takes to get a replacement bus line in place. The streetcars were finally replaced by the Central Square - Cottage Farm bus (El Route #3401) on August 2, 1924. Apparently, no fares were collected on the Boston-side at Cottage Farm at first.

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    and this route would now be apart of the #64 Bus Route (well a portion of it)

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    Brookline st

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    I think they pulled all the tracks out of Brookline street when they did the major street changes a few years ago.

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