Once, every neighborhood had a TV and radio repair shop

Old Boston street scene

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    and hardware stores had tube

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    and hardware stores had tube testers and sold tubes. the testers were notoriously inaccurate and *nobody* was about to let you return a tube. in combination with them being relatively expensive it created, for me, quite a bit of anxiety.

    Christ I am old.


    Wow! Flashback!

    I remember seeing those tube-testing machines when I was a young kid and not knowing what the hell their function was. But hadn't thought about it at all until your post.

    Christ, I am old too!

    Corner of Columbus and Weld Ave

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    Same view today:
    All the Egleston signs made it easy. Did not know there was an Egleston cab company. Provides precedent for all the car companies in the neighborhood today.


    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This is Egleston Square in Roxbury on June 15, 1948 at 10:10 am.