One can only imagine what Morrissey Boulevard is like

Flooding on Rte. 18 in New Bedford

Ric Duarte shows us Rte. 18 in New Bedford, suggests, "Umm ... better stay away!"

That's what happens when close to 4 inches of rain falls. The rain wasn't quite as intense up our way, but Eastie Strong shows what it did to Memorial Drive at the MicroCenter/Trader Joe's entrance:

Memorial Drive flooded



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Morissey was bad at 8:35 am.

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Morissey was bad at 8:35 am. Down to 1 lane in 3 different spots. Saw 1 car get stuck. High tide wasn't until around 11:30, figured it would be impassable at that point. I called the staties, they said they'd send a trooper immediately.

cars can make decisions?

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Pretty sure it was the *drivers* who idiotically plowed into the water...

Of course, insurance (ie the rest of us) will "bail" them out...

No Turning back

That section of 18 is pretty much all one-way; they were pretty much toast as soon as they passed the onramp since its usually really busy and impossible to turn around.