One expensive cigarette: Smoker blamed for two-alarm fire in South Boston

The Boston Fire Department reports the cause of yesterday's fire at 52 Thomas Park, which did an estimated $600,000 in damage and sent a resident and a firefighter to the hospital was:

Careless disposal of smoking material first floor rear porch.




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who smoke outside need to get a water filled jug or the like to extinguish/dispose of their ciggies. This is happening too much, and lives and property are at stake.

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Me too

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This is exactly what happened last week to my place. ugh. Luckily I was walking up to my building right as it was getting started, so not much damage.

When I was a smoker (a while back), I had a huge can of water just because of this. You learn after you've caught some wicked smelly menthol butts on fire (Newports just STINK when the butts burn)

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Smoking rate in Massachusetts is about 16%. (Gallup poll, 2014)

Nationally, the smoking rate is just under 20%, less than half of what it was in the heyday of smoking in the 1950s-60s, when it was about 41%-42%.

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The only thing worse than the smell of smoke are the self righteous fuck wads like you who complain about it.

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Smoking is disgusting and

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Smoking is disgusting and wrong and I don't want it near me. To me it is a sign of weakness and very unattractive. Just my opinion though. Oh and it kills.

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The only thing worse than the smell are the butts that get thrown on the ground everywhere and subsequently burn down or severely damage buildings because smokers are entitled assholes who think littering laws don't apply to them.

Why don't smokers just extinguish them and put the butts in their pockets until they get to a trash? Oh, because they're gross and smell terrible? Ok then.

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Noonan said because the

Noonan said because the incident was an accident, the person who discarded the cigarette into the mulch will most likely not be charged with a crime, 'but they should have practiced common sense'.

Oh, well, that's all right. I'm sure the poor guy or gal has suffered enough already. Don't give it a second thought.

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Really sucked for booked weddings and events

Poor couples who had the place booked for this weekend had people flying in from out of town, hotel rooms, flowers, dj, photographer, honeymoon etc all booked and no place to go. Hopefully they could find a hotel, American Legion, KofC, or anyplace to hold it, though not their dream wedding location. Weeks and months forward events were booked.

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