A One Fund donation that never made it there

Vanyaland investigates what happened to the $15,000 or so raised in a hardcore concert in Quincy last year that never made it to the One Fund. Well, half of it never made it. The owner of the South Shore Music Hall canceled his never-cashed check for his proceeds to the concert organizer, then wrote a new check directly to the One Fund.




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    So sad...

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    I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, because going from putting on shows for 70 people is vastly different from shows for 700+. Logistics is hard, particularly to people who are unfamiliar with the task.

    But not cashing a check for 6 months? That just reeks of disorganization and falling down on the job. If you can't handle your shit, find someone who can.

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    I'm not making excuses, but

    I'm not making excuses, but it makes me think that he's suffering from some kind of severe depression. The cash seems to have disappeared but, (given the fact that he hadn't cashed a check in six months,) it might be sitting in his bank account.

    This happened to an acquaintance of mine. She was running a successful, small, Etsy business and then over the course of several weeks she began to flake on orders. To the point where she was taking the money and not following through. Friends who could see she was struggling jumped in to help her catch up, but meanwhile, she also cheated a few friends out of money when they tried to help her. Long story short, she ruined her business (both Etsy and PayPal kicked her off) and her reputation. She eventually began working with a therapist who helped her to unravel the mess that she made, but meanwhile most of us distanced ourselves from her because we could no longer trust her.

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    Looks like Quincy police

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    Looks like Quincy police dropped the ball, too. Why isn't the DA involved? This bears the hallmarks of theft or fraud.

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    the QPD. This is a federal issue since some monies were obtained electronically. The bands that volunteered and the people supporting the event deserve better as does anyone hoping to raise money for a legitimate cause. Episodes like this make trust a rare commodity and good deeds more difficult to sell.

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    I was thinking about this story today and tried to find an update, but everything on google about Mike Eleftheratos just points to the Vanyaland story. Has anyone even seen this guy in the year since the story was written?

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