One group plans to celebrate Beacon Hill handicap ramps - with cake

The Boston Center for Independent Living holds a little street celebration on Thursday for the installation of access ramps on Beacon Hill.

After nearly three years of discussion, the city is installing access ramps—also known as curb cuts—at intersections on Beacon Hill in Boston. It’s time to celebrate and support the city’s work!

We’ll be handing out flyers, cutting a celebration cake for attendees, and affirming the importance of the ADA!

The party starts at 1 p.m. at Beacon and Charles streets.

H/t Ron Newman.



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      They are a BOSTON organization

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      Given that they are the BOSTON Center for Independent Living, why is it smug of them to celebrate? Pretty sure Beacon Hill is part of Boston.



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      disabled people never leave their own neighborhood.

      Ha ha ha ha ha

      You're hilarious! Thank you for the great chuckle you gave me :) Have a groovy day, Mikey!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      No, it isn't abusive in the

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      No, it isn't abusive in the least. You, on the other hand, may be a 'wee bit' too sensitive if you think calling someone the name of a silly children's cartoon character is abusive.

      I think they call it free speech

      That's the beauty of America. No one forces you to read the things you don't care to read, or watch the things you don't want to watch, OR PREVENTS YOU FROM SAYING SOMETHING MERELY BECAUSE ONE OVERLY SENSITIVE POLLY-ANNA MIGHT BE OFFENDED BY IT.

      Yes, dear, but the difference

      Yes, dear, but the difference is, you demanded I stop. I on the other hand never told you what to do, only what I thought of you and your pathetic rants. Again, have a groovy night. I hope one day you develop a thicker skin. You're sure to be a happier person. Please feel free to continue posting, but I'm done with this thread.

      I don't live on Beacon Hill

      I don't live on Beacon Hill and I know I am very pretty but not a girl. Regardless I should hold off commenting until my first piece of nicorette in the morning.

      I think it's a good thing

      I think accessibility is worth celebrating.

      I don't agree with the city's choice of materials (neither does the city's architecture commission), and I don't approve of Walsh's circumventing proper process via the trick of getting his ISD to declare the existing sidewalks "unsafe".

      BTW does anybody seriously think this little spontaneous celebration was organized by anyone other than Walsh's PR apparatus?


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