One-legged man in an ice-cream truck sought for Southboro tire slashings

Seems he took out his ire at being denied entrance to a local restaurant by slashing tires in the parking lot, reports. And then he hopped in his truck and drove away.



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        The post says that "over

        The post says that "over seven cars" had their tires slashed. So, what is it? Eight? Nine? TEN???

        This is a weird bit of news that leaves me wanting more information. Why was the main denied service? Why was he driving an "ice cream style truck?" How did he get away? Southborough doesn't seem like a big town to me.


        They did name the restaurant

        Owen O'Leary's, which for people who know Southboro, is probably the place you would guess this sort of thing would happen. Nothing against it, I used to work just down the street from it and ate there fairly regularly, but it's more roadhouse-ish than the fancy-shmancy Italian place with the tiny little entrees that most people would probably think are appetizers.

        I didn't mention the name in my little linky post because, well, who really knows Southboro around here?


        Guilty as charged...

        Although if I had been betting, I would have put my money on peg-legged tire slashing action a bit further down Route 9, at the Southboro Motor Lodge. Just Saying.