One reporter you don't want to get mad

Susan Tran at WHDH has a pickaxe - and she's not afraid to use it.

UPDATE: Tran herself alerts us this isn't the first time she's wielded a deadly weapon in Quincy: Three years ago, she used a hatchet to chop a sub in half.



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I saw that report and wondered; how did she wind up with the axe? Since they're still trying to identify the robber, wouldn't the police take it into evidence; you know, fingerprints, etc.?

I always like the way Susan Tran signs off at the end of her reports; she kind of sings it... "Su-san Tran".

Looks like?

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How can you judge someone by the way they look?

Again, why was this guy not IN jail?

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Or get the man into drug treatment before he hurts someone. And why is he still eligable for Section 8 housing?

"At the arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Patrick Kelly successfully argued that the court should revoke Waschela’s bail on two open cases on the grounds that the new arrest violated the terms of that bail. He will be held without bail on those cases and will have $25,000 cash bail on the armed robbery charge."

Jun. 20, 2013
A pair of men were arrested last Thursday after their scheme to steal a bigscreen TV from WalMart was foiled, police said. Police said William Mancuso purposely fell at the front of the Rte. 1 store and rolled around in an attempt to create a diversion as his partner-in-crime, John Patrick Waschela, tried to wheel out a 50 inch TV in a shopping cart at about 12:45 p.m.

WalMart security guards were not fooled, however, and saw the man pass cashiers without paying, police said. The guards reportedly confronted the men in the parking lot, at which point one of the suspects pushed the cart at a guard and ran away to a car. A Walpole detective was able to track the car down on Coney Street, police said. The two 26-year-olds were stopped on I-95 and ordered out of the car at gunpoint.

Officers found drugs in the car used to counteract heroin overdoses and tools often used to break into cars. Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael said he believes the men planned to sell the TV to fund a drug habit. Mancuso, of 717 East 3rd St. Apt. 2 in South Boston, and Waschela, of 10 Skyline Dr. Apt. 9 in Braintree, were each charged with larceny, shoplifting, conspiracy and two counts of possession of a class E substance.

9:54 p.m. Arrests, after caller reports a suspicious vehicle parked behind a Samoset Ave. building. O/Saunders detailed and requests another unit. Francis Moroney, 51, of Norwood, under arrest for possession of a Class A substance, subsequent offense; possession of a Class B substance, subsequent offense [drugs not specified in log]. Also arrested was John Waschela, 23, of Braintree, for possession of a Class A substance, subsequent offense. Both booked and bail set at $40 personal on each. Vehicle towed.

Dec 27, 2006
John P. Waschela, 20, of South Boston was arrested on the evening of Dec. 22 after allegedly being caught stealing cash receipts from the Super Shine car wash on Granite Street. The manager called police .

I love John Waschela

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Who said he has Section 8? He was living in the condos BTW. I wish people would know the facts before they put their opinions out there. He is not dangerous. He is an addict. You posted a list of his "crimes" you can see that drugs have played a role in his life. He was punished and paid his debt to society for each of them. Maybe you should ask questions instead of posting ideas. He asked the court for help which was denied to him. John Waschela has been sober at several point in his life but like most in the program he had relapsed. Do not try to imagine the struggles that a young man has gone through if you do not know him. He is loved by many..and what type of person are you that you would defame his character online. He does have a family and parents who are struggling with all of this and do not need negative opinions from those who don't know the mitigating circumstances in his life.


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I as well love John Waschela he is the best person i kno and i will stand by him no matter what,i love the clown that wrote about john living in section 8 housing lmfao its a $13,000.00 a month condo that we live in asshole. No respect for people in his family. The coverage on this matter was truely hilarious!!! I love you john F*** all these A** Holes :) i love you hilly

bad link?

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The link takes me to: Private groups to take over two failing Boston schools

Nothing about a pickaxe or WHDH

You also wrote hatched

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You also wrote hatched instead of hatchet on the hyperlink, just letting you know

Maybe she should be assigned

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Maybe she should be assigned this story , to hack through to the essence of the story,

Ax falls in scandal over Harvard’s Romanian forests :

''Harvard University’s Romanian timberland investments have put it at the center of an international bribery and money laundering scandal.

Romanian authorities last week arrested a former Harvard investment agent on charges that he accepted $1.3 million in bribes, a Canary Islands trip and a Chrysler Sebring for facilitating the university’s purchase of woodlands at artificially inflated prices.

Dragos Lipan Secu allegedly colluded with unnamed sellers of the land that the Harvard-owned Scolopax SRL bought from 2007 to 2009, according to Romanian prosecutors.

“This whole matter harmed Scolopax’s shareholders because the forest lands were overpriced, and the difference went to the 
defendants,” said Livia Saplacan, a spokeswoman for the Romanian Anti-Corruption Department.

Harvard said Secu’s relationship with Scolopax ended in December 2012. “This matter pertains to actions of an outside contractor who is no longer associated with Harvard Management Co.,” spokesman Kevin Galvin said, referring to the firm that manages Harvard’s endowment. “We are aware of the allegations and gathering further information.”

Harvard is the largest private owner of Romanian forests, with 86,486-plus acres, according to Romanian news reports.

There’s a lot of institutional money in timberland, according to Jack Lutz, timberland economist at Rowley’s Forest Research Group. “The returns have been decent at times,” he said, noting they’re less volatile and conserve capital. “It tends to be an inflation hedge.” ­— ''[email protected]

Herald wire services contributed 
to this report.

I watch hard, hitting,

I watch hard, hitting, serious news such as the channel 4 morning news.

I get all my Bieb coverage, plus interesting you tube videos such as a Lion in a Safari park roaring at a carload of tourists and gosh, darn it, Kerry Connolly looks so cute during the weekly puppy segment.

Come to think of it Pick Axe, robbery demonstrations may provide some welcome variety. The video especially hit home as the reporter, struck the wall board sample to demonstrate the fierceness of the attack. Surely a New England Emmy is not too far away.

No Shelby Scott now

WBZ doesn't have Shelby Scott to send out into blizzards anymore, so has to make do. Storms make for bored reporter antics - yardstick in the snow, snow balls, tossing snow in the air, Situate surf spray in the face etc.