Only in New England: Rte. 128 commuters delayed when truck loses load of cranberry sludge

Woburn offramp ran red - no word if the driver had to stop short to avoid a stuffing truck.



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    Berry messy, no doubt.

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    Berry messy, no doubt.

    So many unanswered questions. Did some turkey cut off the truck driver, leading to the spill? If so, did that turkey flip him the bird? Was either driver sauced, perhaps on Wild Turkey?

    Or was the truck driver perhaps unsure of his route and winging it, causing him to turn sharply at the last moment to make the off ramp?

    Was the Mass. National Guard on the scene, possibly in their tanks giving assistance?

    Surely our esteemed host is fixin' to keep us abreast of related matters.

    Only in New England ?

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    Cranberries are a major crop elsewhere, Wisconsin, NJ, and the Pacific Northwest, USA and Canada.
    And Massachusetts is actually #2 to Wisconsin in total production.

    thousands of us drivers do just fine daily

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    You should definitey not drive on the roads you consider shitty if you do not have the necessay skills. Retaking a driver's education course would beneficial to you. Otherwise, please consider refraining from driving and using public transportation, thanks!

    Party on

    Wow. Aren't you just a ball of fun, anon!

    Also, what skill enables someone to not be hit by stuff flying off of trucks and bouncing under your car? (my last insurance claim - and only insurance claim in 20 years). Not sideswiping the car next to you is where skill comes in. Same with chunks of road popping up under overloaded trucks. How about the severely deteriorated road conditions this summer?

    Retaking driver's education? In MA? Oh don't make this mother of teenagers laugh so hard hahahahahahaha! I'd love to challenge you to a test of driving skill - anytime!

    oh oh oh Ocean Spray!

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    Hey, don't forget Ocean Spray is based here in MA (Middleboro-Lakeville).

    and it's only #2 because Wisconsin has more natural bodies of water (and is 3-4x the land area of MA)

    Now if only we could get our

    Now if only we could get our "professional" local traffic reporters to follow suit.

    Why? Saying "128" makes it much more obvious what they're talking about.


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    Because saying Interstate 95 could also mean the stretch from 93 to Providence and from the 128 split in Peabody to the NH state line. 128 means JUST the loop around the city.