Pantsless on the T between 1 and 3

Is it time for the No Pants Subway Ride already? Why yes, it is. Behave yourself, Transit Police say, although it's not clear if they're addressing participants or observers.



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      The epitome

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      of Generation Snowflake.

      1) Goldfish swallowing didn't

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      1) Goldfish swallowing didn't entail assaulting the senses of people commuting from here to there.

      2) You win no points referencing the antics of hippies.

      More of a commentary...

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      on the nauseating levels of self-absorbtion and mediocrity that permeates today's youth "culture". What they are doing isn't ridiculous, edgy, or creative. It's lazy, "sheep-art" that might have made some sort of statement 45 years ago, but is so beyond boring today that I am baffled by its popularity. Actually wait, no I'm not.

      Slow Clap

      This is such a wonderfully distilled "kids today!" rant about, well, nothing in particular.

      Like sagging, this stuff doesn't fail to agitate the ED set. It clearly spoke to you and provoked a masterfully stereotypical response!

      Now go take your metamucil before you forget, and tie an onion to your belt before the world collapses due to ... UNDERWEAR.

      Maybe they're not trying to make a statement at all

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      The last 3-4 years have seen a number of events that have little point except to have fun - public pillow, water-gun and snowball fights, people running up steep hills in Brookline and shoveling out people's sidewalks, etc.

      Even if you don't find this all some fairly harmless fun, let's not assume that every single person between 20 and 25 has the desire to ride the T without pants - they are not the Voice of a Generation or something,

      A generation that exceeds at

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      A generation that exceeds at pointless, harmless, fun. All of which is annoying done in public and is an inconvenience to all around them.


      Because the kids will be upset because their parents have never taken their kids to a beach or pool before, or ridden the T with them in the summer months? Because their kids don't know how to deal with seeing differently dressed people without freaking out?

      Yeah, that would be pretty sad.


      Anybody freaked out over No Pants Subway day should take a look at what some public transit riders in the 1970s and 1980s were wearing that was considered normal - swimsuit tops, short shorts, microminiskirts, etc.

      Many outfits made boxer shorts look very chaste!

      More like generation TODDLERS

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      And the rest of the year?

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      It's pantsless, not underwearless, so seems hardly worse than anything else you'd expect on the T the other 364 days of the year.


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      I never thought of sanitation on the T before starting to read some of the stuff on this website. Now I do everything I can to NOT hold on to anything on the T unless I have gloves on.


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      Not a hipster thing. A Dufus Urban Hipster thing.

      But don't worry, in about four years they'll all move on, and Pater and Mommikins will sell the Davis Square pied-a-terre to a new group. Who will replace the Porkpie Hat thing and Pantsless T rides with something equally inane.

      Lucky for them...

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      It was this Sunday and not last. Otherwise, everything would have gone north. btw, Do girls partake of this tomfoolery? The photo seems to indicate not.


      Shouldn't be allowed to ride the train pantless. It's unsanitary. Fecal matter can spread when someone sits down on the bench like that.

      I think you are confused

      How is this any different from thin shorts or even jeans worn commando? Skirts with no pants under?

      People do not normally wear diapers just to ride the T.

      This isn't "no clothing" but "no pants". There is still a garment over their rear ends - one that is usually just as thick as what many people wear in the summer.

      I mean, the T is unsanitary - I wash my hands well when I get where I'm going and avoid crowded trains due to airborne cold/flu transmission ... but sitting your clothed rear on a seat where somebody sat wearing a garment? No worries.

      Oh, and don't use your phone in the restroom - phones are the nastiest thing going when it comes to bad germs!

      Improv Everywhere

      I like the idea of improv and improv everywhere. My first real exposure to really understanding the concept was Frozen Grand Central which is something I think make life a little more random, a little more interesting in a good way. Those were one of the earlier days of Improv Everywhere and I think the first one to really go viral.

      And it think it reflected the right elements.

      1. Something that require mass participation with little knowledge to each other. Something before the internet was pretty hard to coordinate without major organization and personal communication.

      2. Surprising and interesting - A good rule of thumb if it makes people stop along their way, but gains a "hey, I just saw something awesome" story.

      3. Minimal collateral damage - Make someone days more interesting, not damage property, people confuse, annoyed, or disorganize.

      Thus my favorite is Frozen Grand Central. One I disapproved hard is an improv event where they drew lines in the street in NYC as special lanes for tourist and resident and telling people to stick to their lanes.

      While at first, I'm okay with pant-less subway, though I never like the idea of joining myself, I have to sympathize with sentiment of some disapproving commentators now happening for the 7th time (thus losing its randomness and surprise) and now longer than like 2 trains stops with a lot more participants. While I don't agree with the title "Generation Snowflake", continuous attacks on my generation gets really annoying to infuriating as it doesn't raise/address any points nor give fair comparison to previous generation including your own, I do understand pant-less subway event can irritate rather than make things more interesting.

      To note though, this applies to the pant-less event where a major component is to affect other people, other yearly events like water gun fight or pillow fight is more about mass participation (technially, this means I would seperate them as the difference between an Improv event and a Flash Mob (and in the original term before the mainstream media started to use it for mob of people mass stealing and playing the knockout game), but for the sake of addressing the main point of this post, I have to treat them as the same) and not to affect others. So I'm cool with that and I hope you are least able to live and let live on things like that too if not better.