Parks commissioner: Employee faces discipline for 'wholly inappropriate' response to complaint about Common trash

A Parks Department employee will be getting, at a minimum, a stern talking to after responding to a citizen complaint about the cleanliness of the Common and the Public Garden by telling the person to talk to the slobs who are making the mess rather than complain about the "hard working" park workers.

In response to the Universal Hub post on the Citizens Connect exchange, interirm Parks and Recreation Commissioner Chris Cook wrote tonight:

The Parks and Recreation Department has been made aware of the employee's response to the constituent's comment through Citizens Connect. The response was wholly inappropriate, in both its content and unprofessional language. The constituent comment submitted provided a valid and constructive suggestion that the Department is taking under advisement. We strive for prompt, courteous and respectful service from the Boston Parks Department. This employee's actions will not be tolerated and will be addressed appropriately.



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    Not about cyclists or litter, it's about rude [gov't] employees

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    I take it you are new here? The previous poster is making a reference that seems to have gone over your head.

    This story is about a rude response to a valid Citizen's Connect complaint. There was a similar story about a poorly received response to a different Citizen's Connect complaint this past winter.

    [Edited headline from DCR to gov't, since the Common is not a DCR property (thanks Ron) ]

    A slap

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    on the wrist would be a wholly appropriate form of discipline.

    Kudos to the city, but I

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    Kudos to the city, but I would not come down too hard on the employee - it's clear that he/she is frustrated with the uphill battle park workers must face when loiterers are allowed to stay and camp out all day while throwing their refuse everywhere but in the trash cans provided.

    I myself am dismayed by the amount of cigarette butts I find just tossed onto the newly restored grass, in spite of the new ordinance prohibiting smoking in the park - not even enough decency to toss them on the paved areas instead.

    I understand it is a public park, but that doesn't mean one group shouldn't be held to the same rules and regulations we all must abide by when visiting our green spaces.

    I get frustrated, too,

    when my customers, the people who pay my income, act clueless.

    And if I interacted with them the way this employee interacted with the public, I soon wouldn't have the frustration of dealing with customers any more.

    there is NO good excuse!

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    I love how you know so much about both parties that you can make a judgement to recommend going easy on the employee because he was frustrated and has a tough job, but then to come down hard to hold visitors to the rules and standards about keeping the park clean. The employee should NEVER speak to someone like that....EVER! Fire him, or at the very least suspend him for a few weeks without pay and put him on probation for progressive discipline. Being frustrated at work is not a pass to behave badly, it's actually an opportunity to strengthen your resolve and character. Deal with it like an adult!

    Trash in Parks

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    I've seen this worker. Real heavy set ? Mustache? Drives a bright red truck ?

    He shaved the mustache

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    I know who you mean. But he shaved the mustache. But yes. Very heavy and drives bright red truck.

    No excuse for bad behavior

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    But you need to remember what the city has done to the parks department. We've been throwing huge amounts of extra money at public safety, schools and fixed costs. I think that now comes to roughly 75% of the city's budget. Everything else operates on a shoestring.

    They do this deliberately to the parks because they know private money will eventually come riding to the rescue which is fine until the next time the economy turns south.