Parks workers to try to repair vandalism at tot lot just dedicated to two firefighters

Seems local miscreants couldn't even wait for the official opening of the Lt. Edward Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy Tot Lot at Billings Field in West Roxbury last week to do some damage.

The newly renamed and renovated play area opened last week with one feature already broken - a bell that's supposed to let little kids pretend they're on a firetruck, the parks department reports, adding:

We are currently working on this issue.

The new tot lot, renovated at a cost of $500,000, is named for the two firefighters who died in a Beacon Street fire in April.



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    don't shit where you eat

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    As a lifetime resident of west roxbury im ashamed that people who (assumably) live here would wreck something like this. let alone soemthing dedicated to two heroes.

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    gosh darn it

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    Must be those damn fruits n veggies again!

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