Parrot flies coop

Enzo the parrot is missing

State Police have issued an APB for Enzo, a 6-year-old African Gray who flew out of his Revere home. Trooper Dustin Fitch says:

Enzo could have flown anywhere in the Revere, Everett, Malden or Saugus area. If you see Enzo anywhere, please message me and I'll inform Enzo's family who misses him.

Fowl play is not suspected.



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    Nice birds

    I knew somebody with one. Very affectionate.They live longer than other pets too.

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    They cost more too

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    That's a very valuable bird - I think one of the best "talkers" of the parrot family. Hope he makes his way home.

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    That is a really pretty bird.

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    That is a really pretty bird. I hope he gets returned home safely!

    I'm surprised to see State Police looking for him though. Since when is a missing pet a job for staties?

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