Part of Pru tunnel shut early when truck overturns

Overturned truck on Prudential exit ramp.

Truck turns turtle. Photo by State Police.

Around noon, State Police reported:

Route 90 east,Cement truck has rolled over on Exit22 ramp.Damage to tunnel walls.Cement and diesel fuel leaking. Exit closed.

MassDOT reports no structural damage to the tunnel but that the exit will be closed indefinitely as crews remove the remains of the truck, fuel and cement.

MassDOT was planning on restricting traffic in the main tunnel to just one lane in either direction this weekend to allow for removal of an old and no longer needed tunnel ceiling.

Photos by Brian D'Amico.



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    Felt it.

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    Felt the floor shake in our Copley Place office!

    Route 90?

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    I guess I don't read many MSP bulletins, but do they normally call it "Route 90"? Just sounds odd to me.

    Perhaps it sounds especially odd because

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    the alert said "Route 90" instead of "I(for Interstate)-90". Then again,, for "twitting" purposes, "MassPIke" is shorter than "Route 90", and would be more quickly understood as well.

    So, current regulations

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    don't permit tankers hauling milk or water to go though the Pru tunnel, but they allow trucks hauling cement, which (as this crash demonstrates) is just as likely to spill in an accident. Some things just boggle the mind.

    Unless MassDOT has recently changed them, the

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    Pru Tunnel load restrictions still apply to all bulk liquids, even those that don't need to be placarded and/or are non-hazardous in nature. When I inquired about this in the late 1980s, I was told the reason for such a broad restriction was because the drainage system in the tunnel is inadequate to handle a major spill, even if a breach of the load wouldn't start a fire or poison hundreds of people.

    I can find no mention of this

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    I can find no mention of this anywhere , and all that I can recall are the signs posted stating vehicles hauling hazmat must take this exit ,or some sort verbiage , similar to the ones on the old Xway & Dewey Sq underpass. Just curious ,not trying to start a pissing contest. I hazmat tend on both roads circa 1970's , so this interests me. It has gotten quite complicated from the old flip signs .