Parts of Harvard campus sealed off as police investigate bomb threat

UPDATE: At 1:15 p.m., Harvard reported the campus re-opened. See the comments for Cambridge PD statement.

Focus centers on the Science Center and Prescott Street, where a caller claimed to have put a bomb, Matthew George reports.

At 10:11, Nina Khosrowsalafi reported:

Just got evacuated from Harvard Yard due to bomb threat. Lots of police with guns out.

On its Emergency page, Harvard reports:

Recently, the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) received a call from an unidentified male who claimed to be on campus and armed and that he had placed bombs at several buildings on Harvard's campus. HUPD officers immediately responded to the locations he identified but could not locate an individual. The named buildings -- including the Science Center -- were immediately evacuated. Cambridge Police Department and Cambridge Fire Department were notified and, with HUPD, are in the process of examining the named buildings.

Meanwhile, some Twitter rando started posting he was the one who called in the bomb threat - at least, until he thought better of it and deleted the tweets, which, of course, somebody captured first.

Harvard buildings were last evacuated for a bomb threat in December. In April, a UMass Boston student was charged with making two separate bomb threats against the UMass campus.



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FBI now on the case

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Statement from Cambridge Police:

At approximately 9:45 a.m. this morning, the Harvard University Police Department received a phone call from an unidentified caller stating that explosive devices were left at various locations throughout the Harvard Campus. As a result of that telephone call Harvard University Police contacted Cambridge Police and Fire Departments for assistance. Based on the information received a decision was made by the Harvard University Police to evacuate those locations identified by the caller.

Cambridge Police and Fire personnel met up with Harvard University Police, and a command post was established. Based on the number of locations implicated, the decision was made to bring in additional assets to assist with the searching and clearing of the buildings.

A systematic search of the locations were completed by unified teams consisting of Cambridge Police SRT, Cambridge Police EOD comprised of four Cambridge Police Bomb Detection Dogs along with MBTA Transit and Boston Police EOD teams. Boston FBI, Boston Regional Intelligence Center along with Harvard University Police is investigating the leads regarding the caller. At 1:40 PM all locations were secured with nothing found.

Given the gravity of the situation, this incident is being actively investigated by the Boston Field office of the FBI and Harvard University Police. Anyone who may have any information regarding this situation is urged to call the Boston Field Office of the FBI at617-742-5533 or Harvard University Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 617-495-1796.

Adam, if you look at the

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Adam, if you look at the twitter post you had originally linked there was a guy that replied to her comment. His comment was ridiculous and made it sound like he was condoning the bomb threat. So, I read through his timeline and he claims he's "swatted" 5 or 6 schools before. He's either involved in this or just crazy.