Parts of South Boston lose water, but intrepid photographer finds it

Water main break in Fort Point in South Boston

People in parts of South Boston woke up this morning to little or no water pressure. LVRII photographed the Northern Avenue site of the water-main break that caused the problem.

Above is Boston's newest lake. Below is the bubbling source of the lake:

Water main break in South Boston



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    cannot build whatever they want with total disregard for infrastructure. The BRA has to take in consideration water, sewer gas lines and electrical capacity when rubber stamping all the development in the City.


    Clearly the solution to all our problems is to restrict development and say, "Nope, our pipes are too old, so we can't let you build, sorry. I mean, we have the flow capacity to handle your development, but we just didn't maintain anything we're responsible for. Sorry."

    No, no

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    The solution is to stop building in the city and start sprawling out again, destroying our remaining natural land in order to build large-lot McMansions and suburban subdivisions. Because then all the pipes will be brand new! Ready to be ignored for the next 50 years until they fall apart from lack of maintenance. But who cares! That's the next generation's problem!