Patch, not quite dead yet, rehires a local editor

The Boston Business Journal reports the hemorrhaging hyperlocal network has rehired the Framingham Patch editor it laid off along with most of its other editors a few weeks ago.

Ed. note: Over the past couple of weeks, I've unsubscribed from all the Boston-area Patch Twitter feeds I'd been following. Was getting annoying seeing the same exact headlines about horrible California murders from these "local" sites.

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One thing I never liked about

One thing I never liked about Patch is that they came up with some definitions of neighborhoods that suited them, and never bothered to change their definitions if they didn't fit what the locals considered to be boundaries.

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I guess the Somerville Patch

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I guess the Somerville Patch is the outlier then because it still seems to be posting actual Somerville related articles.

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Arlington Patch good too

John Waller updates Arlington Patch with news. He seems pretty well subscribed to town, police, fire, obits, Twitter feeds etc. All the location editors (where they exist) seem victim to corporate policy, feeds, and doing lots of real estate listings. Wicked Local for Arlington seems less wired into Twitter news bites, but will more often interview sources making the news rather than just taking from the press releases - less instantaneous, but often deeper coverage. Reporting what a source said, doesn't give the most impartial and balanced account, though.

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I wish they would bring back the waltham patch editor. He was awesome and super helpful. I would even see him walking around town. He was everything that was right about local reporting. Now I don't even go to the website since it's such garbage.

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The medford patch seems to run a muck with a few arguing over public access.

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