Patty Campatelli just made doubly sure I won't be voting for her

The Globe reports the embattled Suffolk County Register of Probate posted a bogus endorsement from Elizabeth Warren on her Facebook page. Or maybe it's that hacker that seems to pop up every so often to post bogus stuff on her Facebook page.

Either way, tsk. She could still win, of course, given that roughly 6,000 other people are also running for the post.



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I'd suggest conservatives

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I'd suggest conservatives stop doubling down on the things that have made them so inconsequential in Massachusetts, but I really could care less about how inconsequential conservatives have become.

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That's not how you win

Next thing you know, this woman (Campatelli) will be claiming to be 1/32 Cherokee and looking for resultant affirmative action bump!

That's not how you win.

You win by finding some checkbox that your opponent checked off twenty years earlier, and which gave them no discernible advantage in any aspect of their career, and then focus on it obsessively for the duration of the campaign, including offensive racial stereotypes wherever possible.

That's a winning strategy, yeah, boy. Just ask MA NH Senator Bqhatevwr Scott Brown.

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And don't forget the rest of the talking points

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Remember, she's a tireless advocate of the hammered middle class. And despite millions of investments, $300K-plus a year from Harvard, and a show property outside of Harvard Square, she's completely opposed to those evil one-percenters.

Four legs good, two legs better!

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Could she win?

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I dunno. She only has negative press. Meanwhile, pros have lined up against her, and from our little neck of the woods, you would think that someone else is a shoe in. I see this as being Keogh and Arroyo with the best chance.

Not to move this conversation from one insane politician to another, but what are the odds of Dougie actually winning this thing? I did see the Tompkins people at Adams Park doing the usual visibility, but the, er, unique signs around time from dvdoff's best buddy could tilt the race.

EDIT- I don't believe misspelled the guy's name. I even shook his hand and wished him well at Forest Hills this morning. It's those darned Gaelic names that get me. I'm sure I spelled it a way it could be spelled, just not the right way.

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2 things

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1) Keogh
2) DB doesn't have a chance in hell of winning anything. He does have more signs than the real Sherriff, but that's works against him, because anyone who sees those signs immediately figures out that DB is the one guy you don't vote for. DB is so out of touch with reality that he doesn't even realize that people who say they like his signs on his twitter account are just yanking his chain.

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I think it's Keogh

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Anyone who knows Patty C's history wont vote for her. The only candidate actually running a campaign is Keogh, so I think he wins
Btw , why is this clerical job an elected job anyway?

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