People suck: Keytar Bear sucker punched in the face

Defend Keytar Bear

South End Textiles came up with this design today.

Vanyaland reports the furry street musician suffered a broken nose when a guy went up to him, took a selfie, then punched him in the face. That came after another attack, possibly by the same jerk, broke his keytar.

Boston Magazine gets word from Keytar Bear.

Abigail Taylor is organizing a fundraiser for him May 8 at Workbar in Cambridge and has set up an Indiegogo account for him.

Keytar Bear brings joy and happiness to Bostonians on the streets with his cheerful songs and amazing talent. As Bostonians, we are responsible for putting a smile back on his face. I'm hosting this fundraiser, not only to help out Keytar Bear with his bills, but also to show him what he means to the city of Boston.



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aww poor Keytar bear :(

This is why we can't have nice things...

Edit: now I want to give him a few bucks next time I see him play...


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It takes a broken nose to get you to want to pay a street musician? How kind of you.


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Whatever... *rolls eyes*

You're an a---hole

I know I am...

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I embrace it. Being an asshole gives you greater freedom in choosing who gets to get near you.

Having said that, I'm not such an asshole that it takes a street performer getting assaulting to make me want to pay them.

While Micheal in his comment

While Micheal in his comment below looks more and more likely the right view. I will still respond dryly.

Your line "it takes a street performer getting assaulting (sic) to make me want to pay them" would only fit if Cybah wanted him to get punched. That Cybah would only pay if he gets to see/hear a performer punched. I greatly doubt that. He wants to donate as an action of sympathy to help someone - no different if he took the money to donate to a charity after hearing some type of natural disaster.

So unless you also want to view that donating to the Red Cross after hearing the tornadoes wreaking havoc in the south as an asshole action because the person wasn't sending money before the disaster, you are making the wrong connections. Of course, this assumes you are being genuine rather not just trying to incite people.

You vote with your money

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You give money to musicians you like to encourage them. If a person wasn't moved by KB's musical schtick, but now feels compelled to support him, kudos!

I apologize....

... for not too long ago defending you from the accusation of trollery. I obviously screwed up in my assessment.

That's nice.

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This may be a new profession. Go play guitar in the subways and hope that someone sucker punches me, so that people will feel bad and give me money.


Well as the article says, this is why we can't have nice things. Get well soon Keytar Bear!!

We can only hope...

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...that this mongrel piece of shit gets caught. And that the bruises and scrapes he shows up in court with are chalked up to something that happened before he was arrested. People like this don't deserve to walk free...ever.

One & Done

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I'm going to go all draconian and self-righteous.

Anybody who is that much of an a-hole, and is convicted on solid incontrovertible evidence, should be put away forever on the first offense. Throw him in the same place as folks who set dogs or cats on fire and the idiots who play "knockout". Then let them all have fun with each other and let the chips fall where they may.


Mongrels can actually be

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Mongrels can actually be friendly, life-long companions. Give your pooch a hug today!

can we get a description? did

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can we get a description? did the degenerate look tall, thin, homeless, like a bro, drug addict, or what.... hes white but that doesn't narrow things down.


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Cowardice is cowardice but isn't KB like five nothing and a hundred lbs soaking wet. I hope he has a speedy recovery and get back to jammin soon.

Fox may

pick this story up as part of its "knock out game" coverage. That is unless Keytar is a black bear. Then it will be spun as a patriotic defense of sidewalks.

Keytar Bear

I hate to hear stuff like this. I hope an evil metal band arrives soon from Norway bearing blunt objects and wearing serious corpsepaint to avenge him. Such antisocial behavior against the Boston street music busking community carries a pricetag which can only be repaid in blood. Abbath from Immortal seems like a natural choice for such a mission.

Are we sure this stuff really happened?

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Just asking because nobody else seems to be, but is there any evidence at all that these attacks occurred?

It's cool that everyone rushes to give money to causes like this, but before any money changes hands, someone should make sure those cameras the article talked about actually show an assault.

I thought same thing.. How

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I thought same thing.. How did he get away? And why is Mbta police not after him? Or are they? So it must not have been homeless man if he had cell phone to take selfies? Was he alone and did this act of violence to entertain himself?


So are you guys insinuating that Keytar Bear might not have been assaulted at all, that maybe this is all a phony ploy to get laid/a new keytar/$$$ for whatever drugs one needs to ingest to get inspired to but on a furry bear suit and play a 1980s style "keytar" in T stations??? Shit, I didn't think of that before but it kinda makes sense. Deliciously evil if this is the case!


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Nobody's insinuating anything. However, I've had the bad fortune of being on the shit end of a charity scam before, and I've read about many, many other situations where caring, giving people get taken advantage of because nobody verified what the truth actually is. Look at the One Fund fundraiser Adam wrote about a few days ago. Thousands of dollars raised by good people for a good cause, but the money never got to the charity in the end.

Just a little bit of evidence is all I ask, especially because he pretty much told us it has to exist. So let's see it, and let's catch the criminal who did it, and do what we can to get Keytar back up and running.