For people who live nowhere near a Market Basket

It's easy to get confused on how to pronounce the chain's name. This video provides a handy tip.

H/t Spatch.



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    Not much in the way of accents in Holliston

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    I live in Holliston -- some of the older townies might drop the R, but not many others.

    Besides, there's no Cumby's anywhere close to Holliston. The Superette closes at 8 and Country Farm closes at 10.

    When I first moved here, it

    When I first moved here, it took me YEARS to figure out that Demoulas and Market Basket were the same. I could never find Demoulas, and I thought the locals had some kind of secret, grocery-shopping hook up.


    I grew up near lots of older

    I grew up near lots of older relatives and family friends and was bombarded with different names for everything. You may see the Boston Herald, my grandfather saw the Boston American. Tobin Bridge, try Mystic River Bridge. Every route has a number , some have two, others three, some go North and South and many have names that are attached that change every few miles (Route 16 is an excellent example.) It is a wonder new people can manage to find anything around here.

    What is even more confusing is that at different points the words Demoulas and Market Basket were used at the same time (when both existed) or it would say Market Basket outside but Demoulas inside against the back wall.


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    When Foodmaster supermarkets were still around most people called them "Johnnie's".

    Demoulas pronunciation butchered on WGBH radio

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    Don't know who the WGBH racio reporter was, but she completely butchered the family name in her report, pronouncing it as "De MU las" (sounds like "new") rather than De MOO las." These newbies need to know how to pronounce things correctly, although I'm shocked none of the editors picked up on it - unless they too are not locals.