Person jumps off Tobin

Shortly before 9 a.m., landed on Terminal Street in Charlestown, didn't survive. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports:

It appears that the deceased was on foot and went over the rail on the northbound side of the bridge.



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So sad

I read an article some while ago about people who have jumped off the Golden Gate bridge. By freak circumstance, a small number have survived. Universally, they report having realized on the way down what a huge mistake it was.

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All the best to the family and friends.

I wish they could rename that street, too.

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On foot?

How could a pedestrian get that far on the bridge without getting hit by a car or truck? Jumping could have been plan B. Condolences to family and friends. I lost a friend to suicide on Feb. 23, and it left so many friends with unanswered questions, frustration, and loss.

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The people committing suicide

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The people committing suicide usually pull over and quickly jump before anyone reports a disabled vehicle.

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Why Route 9 Samaritans sign

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Kind of related...

On Route 9, in Southboro, there's a Samaritans/suicide hotline sign at Breakneck Hill Road, where there's a causeway about 10 feet from the reservoir. Why?

Is this a site where people jump, and if so, how does 10 feet from causeway to water do it?

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god bless the family. I was

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god bless the family. I was on bridge at time but didnt see much

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