Person jumps from Tobin, dies

A man got out of a car on the upper level and jumped around 9:20 a.m. Although a witness initially reported seeing the person in netting on the lower level, a firefighter discovered the person's body at a construction site below the bridge.

State Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office are investigating, although a spokesman for the DA's office says the death is not considered suspicious. The DA's office reports the man was 43.

Traffic in both directions was delayed as firefighters looked for the person.



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Sad for the person, sad for their family, and sad for those people who work on this construction site to have to deal with this yet again.


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This happened before?

(well I know people jump from the Tobin but to land on that site below.. again)

They choose wisely. Landing

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They choose wisely. Landing on the land pretty much guarantees death. I recall a couple of jumpers over time that landed in the water, lived and were pulled from the water with severe injuries.

P.S. Suicide is never a wise choice. I wish the person finds peace in death that they couldn't find in life.

I work under the bridge. ..

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... And I've personally known of about a half dozen people landing in that same spot in the last year or so. Last one was less than two months ago.

Why no suicide prevention fence?

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I haven't driven over the Tobin in a while but if I recall correctly, there are no Sagamore Bridge style suicide prevention fences on the Tobin. Why? In many cases, if a suicide can be prevented and counseling provided, the person can lead a normal life. With Tobin suicides occurring with regular frequency since it opened (only some of the "successful" attempts and almost none of those talked down are reported in the media) it would seem a reasonable investment. If it saves one life...

People have interviewed the

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People have interviewed the few survivors from Golden Gate Bridge jumps, and most of them realize it was a mistake on the way down...

That article

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is about an attention seeking idiot!

Bridge barriers...

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have been proved to be a major and cost-effective deterrent to would-be suicide jumpers. Preventing a suicide is worth the investment.

In Boston it would cost 2

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In Boston it would cost 2 billion dollars and take three years to put up such a fence.

He left behind 3 kids and a

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He left behind 3 kids and a wife. Lost his job and home was in foreclosure. My heart goes out to the family. RIP.


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I'm this mans son and I want to know how you found out this information. My family has still many questions and I'm just asking for your help. Please.