Person pulled from under train at Ruggles

Around 5:30 p.m. Service was stopped between Back Bay and Jackson Square as firefighters worked to get the person out.

Photos from the scene.



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Rough Day in Boston

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Meffuh also had a major landmark restaurant crashed by a wayward pickup truck.

Any happy news? Or should I just stay here in this deck chair overlooking a pink sand beach for the next couple of weeks or so ...

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Oh, don't let me forget

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It is definitely sad for those claimed by recent collisions, homicides, suicides and their families. I hope this doesn't continue through the summer ...

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we've had quite enough personal tragedy recently. Hoping it stops.

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The 39 ran with delays; someone at the T forgot there was a game and so the buses are running 30 minutes behind. An driver on the E stopped at a crossing platform prevention people from reaching it and the Red line lives up to the nickname the Dred line.

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