The phone calls, they're coming from inside the station!

Guy wanted for fake phone calls to 911 in Malden

Transit Police report they want to talk to this guy about a series of bogus phone calls to 911 about alleged crimes in the Malden Center T station.

Over the past month Transit and Malden Police have received several 911 emergency calls alleging various crimes in progress at the MBTA's Malden Center station. The calls originate from within the station. Subsequent to a joint investigation amongst Transit and Malden Police has determined these calls to be intentionally false.



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Oh Please

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Don't leave us non Maldenians in the dark. Why do you hate Malden Station?

The bench area outside the

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The bench area outside the station on the City Hall side (aka "The Circle of Death") is an open-air drug bazaar.

Haven't been there

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Sounds like the same crowd that hangs at Andrew and Quincy Center

New trend

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What is this new trend of phoning in fake crimes at T stations? This is the same thing that happened a few weeks ago on the Blue Line at rush hour because supposedly some nut phoned in that they saw "young Arab men with backpacks all getting on different cars of the train", which was later determined to be false. I was stuck on that train for 30 minutes while security theater of the absurd ensued.

It's terrorists

They've won. We're now so hair-trigger paranoid that they don't have to plant bombs to paralyze our transportation system, they can phone it in.

Don't you wish you could work from home, too?

Oh yeah as genius as it is to

Oh yeah as genius as it is to shut down boylston street *everytime* a college kid accidentally leaves his backpack behind. Fear mongering works wonders

Thank god

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We've got geniuses like you, firmament. I'm sure if we had more like you, we could just ignore everything, fully secure in knowing that nothing bad ever happens, well, at least, not to you, apparently. Sorry, but if you want to hang around your place of work if a bomb threat is called in, or if you'd like to hop on the train when something similar has been called in, you go right ahead. Call me a "nanny state refugee" but, I also read the papers, and if someone had noticed the Tsarnaevs and not called it in, what would you say about that? Sure, there's a difference between pranks and calling in actual threats, but until they're investigated, call me crazy, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. I'd love it if the T or whoever would notice a pattern and do something (like posting a picture of the people involved in the pranks), but, it takes more than one call to create a pattern, and, now they're posting the picture. Seems like a rational path to me.

Its people like you that make

Its people like you that make terrorism a success in this country. I bet you still believe 2 muslims highjacked a plane with box cutters at logan airport and crashed them into the twin towers correct? You're the same person that responds to everybodies anti-propaganda post anonymously, I knew you would have a mouth full to say lol. More people are waking up everyday to this BS, and thats why i laugh at people like you hahahahahaha.

To Hell with Alex Jones

There's plenty of bad, bad, shit that the U.S. government does, ranging from the blatantly obvious (the wholesale incarceration of Americans of Japanese ancestry comes to mind), to the sneaky (deliberately infecting unconsenting people with syphilis as an experiment), to the downright ugly (getting militarily cozy with folks in Central America whose M.O. includes raping and murdering nuns.)

But instead of focusing on evil stuff that is real, Alex Jones and the like are busy trying to convince us that the Marathon bombing was fake.

Eff him and his followers.

To hell with YOU! I

To hell with YOU! I personally don't listen to Alex Jones talk show, but the stories that infowars and druge report break are 99% accurate and can be backed up with RESEARCH! And the marathon bombings were staged, there are so many holes in the story i could lliterally break it down in an essay. And before you say anything I was at the marathon right across the street from the explosion near the library. Dont just call people conspiracy theorist unless you've done your own research, just makes u seem like a sheep.

I was there, too

And I have dear friends with massive injuries, including one friend who loves to dance and to run and who may not do either again.

Are there rogue elements within various parts of the U.S. intelligence, military or law enforcement who are willing and able to carry out a false-flag operation? Sure, of course, I'll buy that.

Was the Marathon bombing actually carried out by some rogue domestic security agency as a false-flag operation? I dunno, it's possible; I wouldn't bet my life against it, but it seems pretty damn unlikely to me.

But, when, in the following weeks I started hearing from Alex Jones fans that the photos were faked, that the "injured" are all actors, and that Jeff Bauman (the guy in the wheelchair with his tibia sticking out) is actually an able-bodied special forces guy, then I knew I was dealing with completely delusional nutcases.

The moon landing was real, too, by the way.

"I started hearing from Alex

"I started hearing from Alex Jones fans that the photos were faked"...Who cares what a FAN says hahahaha, dont know if you realized how silly that statement was..... but yeah Santa Claus is real too, they even track his trip around the world every year on T.V.


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you are an idiot. please crawl back under your rock, this city doesn't need you.

The WORLD doesnt need morons

The WORLD doesnt need morons like you that shoot off at the mouth out of pure emotion. You're a dying breed anyways people are waking up! Stay asleep and stay stupid if you want. Go ahead and drink your fluoride and eat your MSG because everything the government doesnt approve is a conspiracy theory...emotional fool

bill hicks..

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was brilliant, you're still an idiot. have a nice weekend squid.


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Firmament? Sorry, it just seems to me that using a nom de plume is about equal to me just commenting, isn't it? What I know is simple. People do all sorts of messed up things. Box cutters? Who the hell knows about that? Not me. Do I think taking my shoes off at Logan does any good? No, that's stupid. On the other hand, like I said, if you want to run into a building to get some work done, or jump on the train to head in to do some shopping after a threat has been called in, you're either living in a dream, or not too bright, or maybe both. Like I said, people do messed up things, and sometimes, someone else notices it, and calls the police. Calling in phony threats is as old as the telephone itself, and probably older. It doesn't mean that real threats never happen, and if I notice it, or someone else does they should make sure nothing further happens. As someone else said above, if someone legitimate noticed something out of line and called authorities, and the call was ignored, you'd probably be calling THAT a conspiracy along with your box cutter theory.

Oh yeah the bearded men are

Oh yeah the bearded men are going to blow up a random office building with no motive...and oh yeah the boogeyman is going to blow up a train on a random friday when not many ppl are on it haha. Listen man if you want to be a silly yuppy and troll my post, be my guest! Still doesn't change the fact you're terrorized and brainwashed from sitting in front of your television. I'll be surprised if you even bother to read world news because it doesnt come om MSNBC or CNN.