Photos released of latest Esplanade attack suspect

Esplanade suspect

State Police report this is the man suspected of attacking a woman on the Esplanade near Mass. Ave. early Friday.

Police do not think the guy is responsible for a series of attacks in 2007 and 2009.

Anyone with information about the man in these images or the incident itself is asked to call the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at 617-727-8817.

Wanted man



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The Staties cut to the chase.

Authorities recommended that joggers, cyclists, pedestrians, and others remain alert and aware of their surroundings when they visit any outdoor public space at night and travel in groups if possible. More specifically, they recommended avoiding one-on-one contact with strangers, seeking help if a stranger tries to isolate them, and never getting into a car with a person they don’t know. Anyone who feels threatened should immediately call 911 on a cell phone to be connected to police.

Their PR department isn't interested in selling the Urban Utopia Disneyland for Young Adults package and is refreshingly concerned with doing its public safety job.


They forgot to mention that

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They forgot to mention that when you call 911 from your mobile phone that you have patience when doing so, as you might not always be connected to the barracks or municipality that has patrols that's area.

Can't wait for that system to be fixed. Time is too valuable to be transferred from one dispatcher to another.


It's not a fixable system.

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It's not a fixable system. It's not as if public safety officials are in charge of cellphone location services.


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Blaming the victim once again! Young lone women strolling around the esplanade after midnight have just as much right to be assaulted and victimized as a man!

Sarcasm off.

Where does it say

... anything specific about women?

That's the real difference between a public safety advisory and a victim blame/slut shame: it is directed toward generalized sketchiness (as an area prone to attacks is often one for muggers, too) rather than toward pushing responsibility for safety/issuing social control edicts to a targeted segment of the population.


And it wouldn't hurt for all the boosters to pitch in

with a bit of disclaimer.

You have a constant stream of glorified kids from all over who have enough to figure out without being left in the lurch about the hazard landscape.

Besides, they are not going to find that long lost ass pocket schnapps jug that Fiedler stashed there years ago, and the role of moonlight for finding it is another useless urban legend.


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at least he's responsible enough to wear a helmet.


Based on the angles

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it looks like they're protecting certain assets from vandalism (the docks, bathroom, sailing pavilion, Hatch Shell, playground) that are also known after-hours gathering spots, ex: my college classmates who used to drink on the docks and smoke pot in the playground to watch the shiny lights reflect on the water.

Not that the cops actively need to monitor the goofy behavior of college kids, but they have the security tapes to prove when a drunk kid was last seen before he/she disappeared by falling in the river, etc, or to figure out who smashed in the door to the ladies restroom and stripped out all of the copper wiring to sell for scrap.


Esplanade Assault

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We live in a city. This means you do not walk alone at night in a public park that is closed. You enter at your own risk. Assaults happen on a regular basis in other parts of the city where people with less money live yet such crimes rarely make the local news. I assume this is because the city wants to protect its cash cows- students, young professionals, tourists, and wealthy folk. I have seen more of a police presence on the Esplanade whether it be patrol cars, cops on horses,and bikes then I have ever seen in high crime neighborhoods like Morton Street and Blue Hill Ave section of Dorchester. Furthermore, as a former Dorchester resident 3 female members of my own family were victims of violent muggings near Ashmont Station. The police response and their later street presence only happened via pressure from the local Civic Association. The muggers returned when eventually the police presence went away. What my family learned is to avoid walking side streets and stick to main streets whenever you could.



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Assaults happen on a regular basis in other parts of the city where people with less money live yet such crimes rarely make the local news. I assume this is because the city wants to protect its cash cows- students, young professionals, tourists, and wealthy folk.

If you pay close attention you'll see that cops aren't shy about announcing violent crime in all parts of the city, low-income or high-income. Local news does not have the same approach and picks and chooses which ones to cover. Adam does a great job of reporting cases like this one from Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan even (especially) when the news media do not, but his posts seem to come from the same police announcements that the papers and news channels have access to. What I'm saying is, the city (through the cops) is announcing crimes all over town, but the media aren't reporting them.


Exactly.. that would be the booster and shill

.. contingent.

To them, nothing is more important than 'selling' Boston...nothing.

The strange secular mumbo jumbo of 'marketing' has infected them like some strange tropical brain worm and "accentuate the positive" is all they know.

Ordinarily it would be harmless enough with an alert citizenry equipped with well calibrated bullshit detectors..

But the marketing brain smog has lulled some of these citizens into such complacency that they are barely aware of the risky side of living here.

And then you have the slimier facet of marginalizing the poor who aren't part of the cash cow contingent in this strange new idolatry of worshiping rich assholes.


Nothing compared to Atlanta...

... which managed to suppress (how? I still have no idea) the fact that it got trashed by Hurrican Opal in October 1995 (the autumn before the Olympics). National reports mentioned its imopact In Florida and Alabama -- but then skipped into talking about Tennessee. Initially 1.5 million or so people lost power in the Atlanta area -- and car traffic was almost impossible (except for emergency travel) for a couple of days. (We had no electricity for 5 days - luckily we at least had a gas stove). No rerlatives even phoned to check if we okay -- because none had seen any reports relating to the storm's impact on Atlanta.

In other words...

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Isolate yourselves from one another even more, Boston. Suspect everyone. Don't even talk to your neighbors. If they do something that irks you, just report it to the city on your handy app (report everything, no matter how trivial). After all, they'll probably assault you if you even so much as look them in the eye.

That goes on anyway

.. as each day's ration of comments and posts provides more proof.

How about simple alertness to urban ecosystem hazards?

Down south they advise you to be careful when you bushwhack through cane brakes due to the presence of rattlesnakes.

People have been getting accosted in dark urban alleys and comparable isolated spots since Nineveh.

Boston.. where belaboring the obvious is a respected profession and highbrow mediocrity is the bulls eye to aim for.

Are you saying...

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...that Jonah was accosted by the whale (nineveh ref)?
yeah, maybe, but was the whale wearing a helmet?