Plane taking off at Hanscom Field crashes

UPDATE: Among the seven dead: The co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A plane taking off from Hanscom around 9:40 p.m. crashed and caught fire, the FAA reports.

Alert New England reports the plane was Gulfstream IV, possibly with seven people on board.

Kevin Johnson has what may be the first photo.

The Bedford Fire Department called in a hazmat truck because of jet fuel flowing into the Shawsheen River.



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      Arlington is filling with toxic smoke, I wonder if this is from the crash.


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      Confirmation that the smoke has covered from Arlington Heights down to Alewife.


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      Around 8pm or so I was outside in West Roxbury by the Brookline and the parkway for about half an hour. I distinctly smelled something burning, not a fireplace smell or barbecue but like a building fire or something similar. At one point the smell was so strong I took my phone out of my pocket to see if it was smoldering because it was getting hot from heavy use. Nope.

      Just my gut...

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      Any casualties would truly be a tragedy, although I have a feeling there was a celebrity on board. This is an extremely expensive jet, black mass filming, Tim McGraw and George Straight at foxboro, and summer jam was this weekend as well. Just seems they are being very scarce with information, leading me to believe they are withholding information due to the media sensitivity.

      Hanscomb Plane crash

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      It was headed for Atlantic City, so it probably wouldn't have anyone on board scheduled to perform in Mass this weekend. We live just around the corner from Hanscomb. Heard the BOOM. Then sirens. When I smelled the fumes and saw the smoke, I woke my child, packed a few things, leashed up the dog, and headed to Cambridge to stay with friends. Hoping to return home tomorrow. Mostly hoping people on board miraculously escaped.


      Not necessarily...

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      I take a lot of businessmen to that airport for private plane access. Apparently the landing fees are cheaper than Logan and we're allowed tarmac access, which Logan doesn't allow us. Most celebrity types don't like the twenty five minute ride out to Bedford, so they tend to fly out of Logan Signature.


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      Couldn't get on the page to comment last night, but I loved how, once again, UHub had more information (and a photo!) than the BDC "breaking news" brief.