Plow operator stops wrong-way driver on I-93

Stanley Staco reports a woman in a Mini Cooper with Rhode Island plates was very intent on driving north on the southbound side of I-93 in Quincy around 3:30 this morning.

State Police gave chase - and had the OK to ram the car - but a MassDOT plow driver positioned his vehicle to block the car, which promptly rammed it and then, being a Mini Cooper hitting a plow truck, stopped.

I-93 southbound was shut to let investigators reconstruct the incident - and to pick up the pieces of the car. No word on the condition of the driver or why she was on the wrong side of the highway yet.



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Condition of driver

I really don't care for the condition of the wrong-way driver. How about the condition of the plow driver who put himself in her way to get her to stop but got rammed by the nutcase instead? Seeing as it was a MassDOT plow, I assume it was one of the ones built like a tank, so he's probably fine. But still, more concerned about him.


I really do care about the condition of the wrong way driver

Maybe she was a criminal fleeing from a crime scene. Or maybe not. Maybe she was drunk out of her mind. Or maybe not. Maybe she was having a seizure, or maybe not. We don't know any of those things.

What we do know with certainty is that she is somebody's beloved daughter. And maybe someone's sister, mother, aunt, wife, girlfriend, neighbor, friend, or co-worker.

Compassion costs you nothing.


And that means what?

OK, so she is accused of OUI and generally acting like a crazed nutcase. Having lost friends to drunk drivers, I think OUI is pretty serious offense. I hope that if she is found guilty she is punished appropriately. That doesn't mean I don't have compassion for her, or that I wish that she were injured or killed.


One really has to ask why the hell the woman was driving the wrong way on the Southbound side of I-93 in the first place.