Plucky T riders set record for highest-altitude bus transfer in the region

A T bus (maybe a 111) died on its way across the Tobin shortly after 7 a.m., forcing its riders to transfer to a 426 bus in mid-span - some 254 feet above the Mystic River. A.P. Blake, who shot the video, reports:

We're about to transfer passengers from one bus to another... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TOBIN!

Just blocked traffic across Tobin for a solid minute. Moving now.



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I hope...

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I hope they didn't make them pay the express fare for the transfer (or the difference between the express and local fares, to be exact, as how CharlieCard fares work) as the express fare is normally required for the 426 at that point.

Actually, I think they let them on for free, I just hope they did let them on for free to make sure of this, they did pay their original fares for their original bus. Knowing the 111, it'd be a hell of a crowd though.

Why would you even think to

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Why would you even think to worry about this? Of course they wouldn't make you pay again because your bus broke down.

Up Where The Angels Sing!

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Once had to do this when an RTS (0216, maybe?) died on the Tobin a few years back. Thankfully I was wearing orange that day.

Country bird, city bird

She is an Inuit woman who received a ptarmigan from a traveling relative and started plucking it on the transit on her way home so that she could cook it right away.

She had no idea that this is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior when seated on a an enclosed train with a lot of other people.

Then she would

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be able to not only pluck the bird, but cook it as well when the bus catches fire.

Apart from the annoyance of

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Apart from the annoyance of being on a broken-down bus and having to wait for another one, I have to say I think this would be kind of cool.