Police: Central Square brawl ends with stabbing, attempt to run down cop

Cambridge Police report two Boston men were arrested early this morning, one on charges he punctured a guy's back with the tip of a knife, the other for narrowly missing a cop with his car after the cop ordered him to stop.

According to police, officers responding to a report of an assault involving "a large group of males" around 2:08 a.m. found a man with a small wound to the back.

He spoke with officers and pointed to a vehicle that was attempting to exit a municipal garage in the area of Green Street and Pearl Street. Officers ordered the passengers to stop and exit the vehicle.

The victim IDed one of the passengers, Sean Hunter, 20, of Roxbury, as his attacker and he was arrested on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The victim was treated at a local hospital.

As officers were investigating the incident, another driver tried to flee the garage, police say:

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and speak with the passengers, but the driver refused to follow orders. After several requests, the driver drove towards and nearly hit an officer.

Zikeem Ward, 21, of Boston, did finally stop and was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon - his car - two counts of failure to stop with police, resisting arrest and carrying a dangerous weapon while disturbing the peace - two box cutters that police say they found in his pockets.

Innocent, etc.



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The car guy

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Lives in either Dorchester or Hyde Park. Unfortunately, the police spokesman didn't have the guy's Zip code handy, so no way to tell, in this city with multiple identical street names in various parts of the city.

"he punctured a guy's back

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"he punctured a guy's back with the tip of a knife"

This sounds much more pleasant than a run of the mill stabbing.


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a little bit stabbed.

Damn Summer School students

Kids going to party colleges can get into summer programs easy. Um, that's who is causing trouble midway between Harvard and MIT, right?