Police: Dorchester man no match for social media; arrested for bank robbery after photo goes online

Wanted bank robbery suspect arrested

A suspect in the robbery of a Bedford bank at lunch time was arrested about three hours later after people recognized him from surveillance photos posted online and called police, Bedford Police report.

Police say Joseph Barrett, 45, of Dorchester, walked into the Bank of America branch on the Great Road around 12:15 p.m., told a teller he had a gun and demanded cash. He left with a wad of cash.

Police posted a series of photos, which led them to his workplace on South Road, also in Bedford, about a mile from the bank.

People quickly recognized Barrett and called the police. Barrett was arrested without incident and is currently being held at the Bedford Police Department. He will likely be arraigned tomorrow in Concord District Court.

"I wish to commend the members of the public who recognized this dangerous individual on social media and undoubtedly led us to a quick arrest in this case," Chief [Robert] Bongiorno said. "The kinds of police-public partnerships we have developed in Bedford, using the social media tools at our disposal, are invaluable."

Barrett, who lists "Cops" and "CSI: Miami" among his favorite shows on his Facebook page, is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in Concord District Court, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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is a nice stash of cash.

Who does that

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You have to be mentally impaired somehow, or want to be caught, to rob a bank like that.

I hope no one was hurt, and that the guy gets whatever help or correction he needs.

He looks tired

He looks like someone who isn't getting enough sleep, which has been shown to impair cognitive function. Maybe when he's in prison he can get a sleep test done and be fitted for a CPAP. It might make him less of a dumbass when he gets out of prison.

Silly criminal....

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Doesn't he know in order to steal that much money he needs to win an election first?