Police: Fake soldier gets the free ride he demanded - just not on the T

Transit Police report officers doing fare-evader duty at Mass. Ave. on the Orange Line yesterday evening quickly became interested in the gentleman who was demanding a customer-service agent let him in for free because "he was an 'Active Duty' member of the US Armed Forces."

Police report Christopher Keefe, 28, of Braintree was not, in fact, an active-duty member of the US Armed Forces. He was, however, wanted on a warrant for assault and battery on an elderly person, which was enough to get him a free ride down to Transit Police HQ for booking.

Innocent, etc.



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Low - pretending to be active duty soldier to get a free ride on the T
Lower - assault and battery
Lowest - on an elderly person

Real man!

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Anyone caught pretending to

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Anyone caught pretending to be a member of the armed services should be conscripted.

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I doubt any of the armed

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I doubt any of the armed forces want to deal with an idiot like that in their ranks.

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Nice guy

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Get this guy into treatment and improve the quality life for other folks.

Christopher J. Keefe, 25, of Braintree were arrested on the evening of Feb. 4 2010 after officers responded to an altercation at Eddie and Mike’s Sunoco gas station on Union Street. During the course of their investigation, officers learned that Keefe and the gas station attendant were having an argument.
According to Deputy Police Chief Russell Jenkins, a search of Keefe uncovered four Oxycodone pills in a cellophane wrapper.

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Setting aside this guy's

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Setting aside this guy's lying, what is the T's fare policy for people in the military?

I can't find anything on the MBTA website.

http://www.mwrta.com/index.cfm?event=MeetingDetails&MeetingID=33 says the Metro West RTA (Framingham, etc) started allowing active military in uniform to ride for free, to standardize with the MBTA policy, once they started accepting CharlieCards.

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It has been MBTA policy for

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It has been MBTA policy for several years. A member of the armed forces must be in uniform and present an active duty ID to a MBTA employee. No different than an on duty cop.

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He is a vet

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He is a veteran . He did serve in the army and was deployed overseas! He has problems just like a lot of the veterans out there

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