Police, fire searching Fort Point Channel

Started shortly after noon, in the area around the Summer Street bridge. Later expanded the search as far down the channel as Gillette.

UPDATE, 1:15 p.m.: After an extensive search of the surface and under bridges, firefighters didn't find anything.



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    I don't know

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    Unfortunately, recent news suggests a possibility, but it could be something else.

    The Thaw

    There were ice floes on and off from Congress/Summer streets to the harbor, but the part from Summer to Gillette has been iced over pretty consistently for over a month. Ice formed and collected under the bridge structures as well.

    This is the first chance they have had to do a complete search of the area, given the disappearance of a young man during that time. Sunday is a good time to do this, as it is quiet and won't attract as many spectators.

    no... swirly

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    This was an emergency response to something. Not a planned search for that missing man. Sometimes, you should keep quiet when you don't know what is happening.