Police hope arrests end Seaport car break-in spree

Boston cops on a stake out on W. 3 Street last night got what they were looking for: Two people they suspect are responsible for series of car break-ins in the South Boston waterfront area, according to Capt. John Greland at C-6.

Greland, who says the suspectswere known to police, were nabbed after officers noticed them looking into cars near 40 W. 3 St. around 8 p.m. - on charges of possession of burglarious tools. A later search of the car they'd been driving turned up Also "a TomTom GPS that had a Brighton address on it," he said.

He said 19 cars have been broken into in the area since January. He added the thieves are discriminating - they look into cars first and only bother breaking in if they see something of potential value.

In a statement, Boston Police report:

While investigating recent motor vehicle breaks in the area, officers observed a red Honda Civic, occupied by two individuals, driving slowly through the streets in the area. As the vehicle stopped, officers observed a Hispanic male exit the car and walk toward a parked vehicle. The suspect then proceeded to utilize a flash light in an effort to look in to the backseat of multiple parked vehicles. Upon seeing officers, the male suspect got back into the car and fled the scene. Officers broadcast a description of the suspect vehicle, which further allowed other officers to stop the vehicle in the area of A St. and Binford St. As officers approached the vehicle, the female operator dropped a metal object in the center console. Officers discovered two stainless steel window punch designed to shatter glass, along with multiple electronic devices including a GPS with a home location in Chestnut Hill.

Erica Flores, 23, of Roxbury, was charged with attempted non-residential breaking and entering and possession of burglarious tools, while Juan Pinales, 26, of Mattapan, was charged with attempted auto theft and possession of burglarious tools.

Innocent, etc.



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    Name them and shame them

    Lower end?

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    Don't let the realtors hear you say that.


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    Who knew I was drinking in the Seaport at a teenager before it was cool.


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    The Lower End?! How declasse! It's now known as the fashionable City Side.'

    Nice work by Boston PD

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    Whatever you want to call it (Seaport, Lower End, City Side, No-WeBro in SoBo) nice work by the Boston PD. Thank you.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    No-WeBro in SoBo = North of West Broadway in South Boston

    Double standard

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    Cars have been getting broken into in City Point since when Jesus wore sandals. Captain Greland should concentrate some cops for the common folk to improve the cost of living here also.