Police: Lout smashes cab windshield with his fist in fare dispute

Boston Police report arresting a Norwood man on charges he put a cab out of commission by punching its windshield early this morning.

According to police, a cabbie had driven a couple to Hanover and Union streets downtown around 1 a.m.:

While the female was attempting to pay the driver for the service, the male suspect became irate demanding that the female not pay the driver. At this time, the suspect began to punch the windshield of the cab causing it to crack. As officers spoke to the victim, the suspect fled to a nearby garage, but was located and returned to the scene shortly after. The suspect was observed to have a laceration on his finger and appeared to be intoxicated.

Ian Titcomb, 29, of Norwood, was charged with malicious destruction of property.

Innocent, etc.

Pair arrested on charge of stiffing, punching cabbie in Arlington.



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i have mutual friends with both this and the other taxi bandit

dont really know what to make of that other than i appear to be living up to my name

Sounds like someone has some

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Sounds like someone has some serious stress in their life and has taken it out on the taxi. Relax, bro..

I hope he doesn't

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Hit his girlfriend since he sounds pretty angry.