Police: Man on bicycle attacks woman near Fresh Pond

Cambridge Police report they are looking for a man they say sexually attacked a woman around 8 p.m. yesterday outside 679 Concord Ave. near Fresh Pond:

She was approached by a male riding a black sport type BMX bicycle. As this male rode passed her in the opposite direction, the victim noticed that he was staring at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

After the male passed her, the victim could hear that he had turned around and was now approaching her from the behind. The male then rode up along side of her and indecently touched her. The victim observed that this male was now wearing a black ski mask.

The victim then ran up the path and onto Concord Avenue where she noticed that the male suspect, who had followed her, had fallen off the bicycle. The victim then states that the male got back on to the bicycle and fled in the opposite direction, back down the path towards the pond.

The suspect is described as white, 20-25 and last seen riding a black sport type BMX bicycle.



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    Well, what really struck me ...

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    Was that when the woman began to run away, the guy fell off his bike. But since I was posting from my phone at a sub place in Hyde Park, which means I was having issues posting anyway (I don't like writing on my phone), I decided it was more important to get the news up quickly than trying to figure out a headline that indicated that not only was he dangerous, but a moron as well, and I guess I left part of the bicycle idea in the headline.

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    So you would prefer that the headline read "Young White guy attacks woman near Fresh Pond"? If he'd been an African-American, you'd want that in the headline? What if he were on a motorcycle? A unicycle? A penny-farthing?

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    Penny farthing...

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    Horrible story but I am laughing so hard at this image...

    And yes, of course mentioning the bike is relevant, same as is he was driving a Chevy Nova or riding a mule.

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    Oh get off it dude

    This headline isn't persecuting any cyclists, the details are in the article and above all, it click-baited you into commentating, right?

    Honestly, its like you go about looking to be offended.

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    "male riding a black sport type BMX bicycle"

    You don't hear that dog whistle?

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    Victim description

    We only have details that stuck out in the victim's memory. Of greatest concern was that the attacker carried with him a ski mask in July, probably for committing various crimes. Consequently, she got a better look at his bicycle than him.

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    they wouldn't outlaw it, they would just only issue a handful of licenses a year that are prohibitively expensive and hard for normal people to get

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